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5 E-Mail-Fehler, die Sie vermeiden müssen (And What to Do Instead)

20 min read

Mehr als die Hälfte der kleinen Unternehmen betrachtet E-Mails als ihre effektivsten und effektivsten common marketing tool for a reason. Email is a cheap and easy way to send discounts, Angebote, and company news.

Allerdings, as with anything marketing related, you need to know how to use email to get the best results… And avoid worst practices.

Learn from the mistakes of others when it comes to email marketing. Check out some of the most common email fails below, as well as the actionable solutions you can make for each kind.

Email Fail 1: Unfriendly Email Experience

Haben Sie jemals eine E-Mail geöffnet und sich von ihrem Aussehen überwältigt gefühlt?? Maybe the colors are too bright or graphics too flashy. Unseemly aesthetics and confusing layouts can discourage anyone from reading an email.

Aber das ist nicht alles! An email can be unreadable because of how the content is written or presented. It is important to make an email readable and easily digestible.

Häufige E-Mail-Fehler sind:

  • Sätze, die zu lang oder zu kompliziert sind.
  • Schlechter Farbgebrauch. Zum Beispiel, white text on a bright yellow background will be hard to read.
  • Illustrations that don’t match the email content.
  • Verwenden einer zu kleinen oder zu gestalteten Schriftart.
  • Nicht bolding, kursiv, or underlining content you really want your viewers to know.

If readers can’t understand your emails, they won’t interact with them. A lack of engagement will ruin all the hard work you’ve done for your campaign.


Führen Sie Ihren Benutzer reibungslos durch Ihre E-Mail-Nachricht. Sei unkompliziert. Write simply, as if you are talking to the recipient in real life. Auch, make sure your color palette is eye-catching and makes your text easy to read.

Example of a loyal customer appreciation email with a good user experience

Wenn Sie eine erfolgreiche E-Mail-Kampagne ausführen, it’s important to highlight the purpose of the email. The purpose should be both pragmatic and emotional.

When an email offers pragmatic solutions, it addresses a customer’s desire to solve their problem most efficiently, in der Regel in Bezug auf Geld, Zeit, and/or effort. Zum Beispiel, a successful advertising email shows how your products will solve customers’ problems. The pragmatic part of an email appeals to a recipient’s pragmatism.

When highlighting emotional values in an email, you want to suggest that your product or service will fulfill a customer’s emotional needs. Oft, people’s emotional needs center around self-identity and fulfillment. To most effectively trigger an emotional response, you first need to choose the mood you want to go for. The mood should match your brand’s overall vibe and how it affects your intended audience.

Graphical and written elements can help spark an emotional response, whether you want it to be outgoing, spielerisch, or empowered. Color is key to provoking specific emotions. Zum Beispiel, using blue, purple, and green as a color palette will make readers feel calm and harmonious. Perfect for wellness brands!

Want to learn more about how color affects your revenue? Lesen Sie unseren Artikel über Farbenlehre.

Use available text tools to grab attention. Teilen Sie Text in Blöcke auf, Leerzeichen hinzufügen, Verwenden Sie das Styling, um die Hierarchie anzuzeigen (Schriftgröße, Gewicht, Farbe, position), visuals to highlight the most important parts, und enthalten eine klare CTA. Sie können die Hemingway App to see if your email is readable and not bogged down with wordiness.

Bis zu 60% of emails are opened on mobile. Als solche, it’s important to test your email across multiple devices and make sure it is mobile-friendly. A bad mobile experience for your audience can cause your campaign to be unsuccessful.

Wenn Sie online mit Ecwid von Lightspeed verkaufen, you can use multiple built-in email marketing tools, wie customer order notifications und automatisierte Marketing-E-Mails. We take care of email design and copy so you won’t have to worry about it. The emails your customers receive are sleek, leicht zu Lesen, and mobile-friendly.

An example of an abandoned cart email you can send with Ecwid

Email Fail 2: Sloppiness

Email typos and mistakes are very common, despite easy access to the Internet and spell-check. There are a couple of ways that sloppiness can come across in an email, both of which can be avoided easily.

Grammatical errors

Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie treffen jemanden, der sich als Experte vorstellt. Während du redest, you notice that they keep making simple grammatical errors. Es spielt keine Rolle, welche Branche dieser Experte vertritt. What matters is that this person claims to have authority in their field. It is difficult to believe their expertise if they do not speak like an expert, aka grammatically correct. Die gleiche Logik gilt für Sie und Ihre E-Mail-Kampagnen.

Wenn es Rechtschreibung gibt oder grammatical mistakes in an email, it is difficult to read. Selbst ein kleiner Fehler kann die Wirksamkeit Ihrer Nachricht ernsthaft beeinträchtigen. Was mehr, it can affect your brand’s overall image negatively.

Nehmen Sie die Solitaire’s Fall, zum Beispiel. Einmal, they sent out an email campaign announcing the game of the day. Allerdings, their open rate (aka the percentage of people who open an email sent to their inbox) war alarmierend niedrig. So, they investigated what the problem could be. Zum Glück, they quickly found the problem—they had misspelled a word in the email’s subject line. Sie haben den Fehler behoben und die Öffnungsrate um erhöht 12%.

Fehler zeigen Ihrer Zielgruppe, dass Sie den Details nicht genügend Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt haben. Dies ist möglicherweise nicht in allen Fällen der Fall, but sloppiness means a lot to a potential customer who expects excellence in the products and services they buy.


Sloppiness can be avoided by proofreading before pressing the send button. Suchen Sie nach Wörtern, bei denen Sie sich nicht sicher sind. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie sie richtig und im richtigen Kontext verwendet haben. Können Sie tools wie TrustMyPaper, WritingJudge, Quillbot, oder Grammarly um bei der Bearbeitung zu helfen.

Grammatik-Dashboard. You can remove grammatical mistakes and enhance the clarity of your content

Broken Elements

Another problem that arises in email campaigns is the accidental use of broken elements. While the content can be outstanding and attract customers, if the links you’ve included are incorrect or broken, Der Inhalt wird nicht wirksam. When a bad link takes recipients to the wrong landing page or shows them an error, they’ll be unlikely to click on other links. This reduces traffic to your store.

A similar problem is adding inactive discount codes to an email. Wenn das passiert, your customer service team will have to deal with many complaint emails.

Worst case scenario, you’ll lose customers because of it, which is something to avoid at all costs!


Broken elements should be a high priority to fix. They directly impact the campaign’s effectiveness. Make sure you’ve thoroughly tested all links and discount codes before you press send to avoid these pitfalls. Most platforms also allow you to send a test email. Send test emails to yourself and colleagues so you can all make sure the email, links, and codes work. And if you don’t catch some, fix them as soon as you can.

If you make a mistake, it’s in your best interest to admit it by sending out an apology message. Entschuldigen Sie die Verwirrung. Give recipients something to make up for the inconvenience it may have caused. Abhängig vom Empfängertyp, Dies könnte ein kostenloses eBook sein, ein Rabatt, eine Geschenkkarte, oder ein zusätzlicher Service.

Beispiel einer Entschuldigungs-E-Mail für Kunden (Quelle)

You can always have a pre-drafted “Oops” message on hand with an email template or ready-made responses in your Ticketsoftware. Wenn Sie Zugriff auf ein Automatisierungstool haben, Sie können eine spezielle Entschuldigungskampagne erstellen und auf diese Weise Nachrichten senden.

Sie können Ihre integrieren Ecwid Store mit Mailchimp und verwenden Sie die gesammelten Kundendaten, um das beste Entschuldigungsgeschenk basierend auf ihren Präferenzen zu senden. Entschädigen Sie Ihr Publikum für die Unannehmlichkeiten, making viewers trust your brand more and driving traffic to your site.

Auch, if you sell online with Ecwid by Lightspeed, Sie können add discount coupons to your automated marketing emails. If you send a coupon with limitations, zum Beispiel, it will only work for buying a particular product. Ecwid will remind you what kind of coupon you are sending. Auf diese Weise, you can be sure that you don’t send the wrong discount coupon to your customers.

Adding a discount coupon to marketing emails is a breeze with Ecwid

Email Fail 3: Too Many Goals

Für jeden Dollar, den Sie für E-Mail-Marketing ausgeben, Sie können eine erwarten durchschnittliche Rendite von $51… But only if the campaign is well-organized.

In a campaign, you can set up separate emails meant to accomplish different goals. We recommend sending separate emails for different goals to keep your messaging clear and direct. Problems arise when you want to try to use a single email to achieve your marketing goals.

When you put too many messages in an email, the email will come off as unclear and disorienting. Your recipients will have trouble understanding what you are trying to tell them. Erinnern, many people will open your email on their cell phones when they’re on the go or easily distracted. A vague or crowded email message can cause a significant drop in your campaign’s performance.

Imagine sending an email during one of your campaigns. You give the customer a product discount and access to a free ebook. Zusätzlich, you ask the customer to join your exclusive webinar, Informieren Sie sich über die neuesten Markennachrichten, and answer a question about their shopping experience with your brand. Wow, das’s eine Menge!

The email is full of good intentions meant to satisfy your customers. Aber manchmal, Das alte Sprichwort ist wirklich wahr: weniger ist mehr.


Bevor Sie anfangen zu schreiben, consider how to keep your messages consistent, spezifische, und leicht zu verstehen.

Ihre Empfänger sind bei different stages of their customer journey. You should consider the stages of a customer’s journey when planning your email campaign. Abhängig davon, wie gut Ihre Empfänger Sie und Ihre Marketingstrategien kennen, different kinds of emails will appeal to them at different stages and convince them to take action.

Überlegen Sie, was Sie in der Nachricht sagen möchten. Is it supposed to be a sales email or one that builds trust? Planen Sie die Customer Journey, Markt an Ihre Empfänger, und personalisierte Inhalte erstellen.

Ecwid sellers can send automatisierte Marketing-E-Mails that reach customers at the right point of their customer journey. Zum Beispiel, Ecwid will send an email to inactive customers who haven’t purchased anything in over a year. Oder, it will automatically send an email that reminds customers of the products they added to their favorites. Mit Ecwid, emails reach the right person at the right time, engaging shoppers and growing sales.

Favorite Products Reminder email Ecwid sends automatically to customers two days after they added a product to Favorites

Email Fail 4: Segmentation and Personalization Fails

Sending emails to a specific group of recipients you’ve identified through segmentation sounds like a great idea, rechts? Leider, Die Segmentierung des Publikums kann furchtbar schief gehen. It can backfire when you create segments that are inconsistent with your business objectives, based on outdated data, and/or come from your personal feelings.

One of the main negative effects of failed segmentation is inadequate Personalisierung. It’s not just about sending an email greeting the wrong recipient (obwohl offensichtlich, Tu das nicht).

Poor personalization is when an email doesn’t contain information that interests a particular recipient. Zum Beispiel: Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie haben eine Zoohandlung und haben am Welttiertag eine Verkaufskampagne organisiert. Es ist geplant, Ihren Kunden eine E-Mail zu senden und ihnen einen Rabatt auf Tiernahrung zu gewähren. Allerdings, due to poorly organized or obsolete data, you send a coupon for cat food to a dog owner.

This example illustrates how you can lose sales due to improper segmentation. While it could be just a single error, it could show that your customer list has serious problems with data consistency.


Erweitern Sie Ihre Liste potenzieller Kunden mit kreativen Anmeldeformularen. Sobald der Empfänger sie ausfüllt, the real challenge—segmentation—begins. Segmentation is definitely worth it, obwohl. Profis, die segmentierte Kampagnen verwendeten, zeichneten a 760% Umsatzsteigerung.

Beispiel für Kundensegmentierungskriterien für ein besseres E-Mail-Marketing

Identifizieren Sie alle Haupt- und Nebensegmente Ihrer Zielgruppe. Organisieren Sie Ihre Empfänger in kleinere, more targeted groups. Decide what customer data you need to prepare for your email campaigns.

Perform an in-depth analysis based on customers’ purchasing history. Highlight key segments, wie:

  • Neue
  • Vielversprechend
  • Treu
  • Dangling/Unentschlossen
  • Inaktiv

Work out different solutions for your email campaign depending on the group. Geben Sie Neukunden einen Rabatt auf ihren nächsten Einkauf. Ask loyal customers to complete a satisfaction survey to access early bird deals. Send a special offer to undecided or inactive customers to motivate them to buy products they viewed the last time they visited your site.

Ecwid sellers can use powerful built-in tools for sending personalized emails. Sie können einrichten marketing emails to be sent automatically after a customer completes a certain action. Zum Beispiel, if they add a product to their cart but don’t buy it, or they haven’t made a purchase in six months after their last order. Automated emails help bring back customers who are slipping away without you having to keep track!

Purchase Anniversary email reminds customers of your store and encourages them to buy from you again

Sie können auch Verbinden Sie Ihren Ecwid-Shop mit Mailchimp for deeper audience segmentation. It makes cross-selling oder upselling viel einfacher. Zum Beispiel, you can send an email about a special offer on new sunscreen to customers who bought skincare products in the past.

By connecting your Ecwid store to Mailchimp, you can also recommend products directly from the product catalog. Your customers can see products directly in their email and be able to buy it right away.

Once you sync your Ecwid store with Mailchimp, you can insert products into your emails. This lets customers purchase them with just a few clicks

Teilen Sie Ihre E-Mail-Liste in Unterkategorien auf. Send messages that carry value to specific groups of recipients. Überlegen Sie, welche Informationen und Angebote für sie am nützlichsten sind, then give them something tailored to their interests or needs. Die Regel ist einfach: the more your emails are personalized and relevant, the more likely your recipient will stay subscribed, Öffnen Sie Ihre E-Mails, und besuchen Sie Ihre Website, um Einkäufe zu tätigen.

Email Fail 5: Failure to Align with Brand Image

You want to make sure your marketing campaigns look like they come from you. This is especially evident during the holiday season. Every holiday has its own special set of traditions. When Valentine’s Day approaches, you’ll see heart-shaped lollipops in store windows. Or as soon as October 1st hits, stores flood with Halloween decorations and pumpkin spice appears everywhere

Während der Ferien, companies want to incorporate festivity for the sake of their bottom line. Businesses will often make changes in their communication style, trying to fill every channel with holiday elements or events to show that they have the holiday spirit. This phenomenon is especially true with email campaigns.

Sometimes companies don’t know how to align their holiday mood with their brand values. Am häufigsten, Am Ende verwenden sie vorgefertigte Vorlagen. They go for overused copies available online and use holiday graphics that don’t match their image at all. Für Kunden, Dies kann als kommen, bestenfalls, vergessbar. Im schlimmsten Fall, geradezu faul.


Ihre Nachrichten sollten immer so aussehen, als würden sie von Ihnen kommen, Urlaub oder nicht. Es macht Spaß zu feiern und Ihr Engagement zu zeigen, Es ist jedoch nicht erforderlich, auf Kosten von Zeit und Energie, die besser woanders ausgegeben werden, über Bord zu gehen. Wenn Sie Ihrer Kommunikation einen festlichen Touch verleihen, always work according to your brand values.

If you’re having trouble coming up with something creative for a holiday-themed promotional email, Schauen Sie sich einige verwandte an Pinterest-boards für Inspiration. Try to create something beautiful and unique that uses your logo, Markenfarben, and other elements specific to your business.

You can find inspirations for your graphics projects from Pinterest boards


Zum Glück, customers will often forgive and forget minor email slip-ups. Allerdings, as the proverb says, Eine Unze Vorbeugung ist ein Pfund Heilung wert.

Make a list of mistakes you often make and include their solutions in your email campaign procedures as you move forward. Bleib dabei, damit bei der nächsten E-Mail-Kampagne, you’ll be prepared to prevent slip ups before they even happen. With set procedures, you can be assured that when you click “send,” your email will be mistake-proof and give your customers only the most positive of feelings.



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