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Was ist eine mobile Shopping-App?, Und wie kann es Ihr Geschäft beeinflussen?

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Take a look at your phone; Sie finden unzählige Apps für verschiedene Unternehmen. Warum haben wir so viele Apps auf Handys?? Weil sie die beste Möglichkeit für Unternehmen sind, mit Kunden zu interagieren. Sie sind auch bequemer zu bedienen, unter anderem.

Es gibt mehrere Gründe, warum Kunden es vorziehen, innerhalb von Apps einzukaufen. Für eine, Mobile Apps bieten oft eine bequemere und benutzerfreundlichere Erfahrung als Websites. Shopping-Apps sind in der Regel auch schneller und reaktionsschneller als mobile Websites, Dies kann für Kunden wichtig sein, die schnelle Einkäufe tätigen möchten. Zusätzlich, many shopping apps offer exclusive deals and discounts not available on the retailer’s website.

Keep reading to learn more about how apps are a must for any business.

Was ist eine mobile Shopping-App??

A mobile shopping app is an application that allows customers to browse and buy products or services from a retailer or service provider. Shopping apps can significantly impact businesses as mobile traffic continues to grow at an alarming rate. In der Tat, Die Mehrheit der Transaktionen findet jetzt in Shopping-Apps und nicht mehr auf traditionellen Websites statt.

Warum gehen mobile Käufer eher zu mobilen Apps als zu mobilen Websites??

Es gibt mehrere Gründe, warum Kunden es vorziehen, in mobilen Apps einzukaufen. Für eine, Mobile Shopping-Apps bieten oft ein bequemeres und benutzerfreundlicheres Erlebnis als mobile Websites. Shopping-Apps sind in der Regel auch schneller und reaktionsschneller als mobile Websites, Dies kann für Kunden wichtig sein, die einen schnellen Kauf tätigen möchten.

Zusätzlich, many mobile shopping apps offer exclusive deals and discounts not available on the retailer’s website.

In What Ways Mobile Shopping Apps Can Impact Your Business?

Mobile shopping apps have come a long way. They offer many more features than a traditional website can offer.

Here are just a few of the ways a mobile app can change your business:

  • Quick and Convenient shopping for customers
  • More responsive and easy to navigate than website
  • Discounts and app exclusive deals
  • Social media
  • Marketing channel
  • Better customer service
  • Customer insights
  • New customers

Quick and convenient shopping for customers

Einer der Hauptgründe, warum Kunden Shopping-Apps bevorzugen, ist, dass sie schnell und bequem sind. Shopping-Apps sollen es Kunden erleichtern, die benötigten Produkte zu finden und zu kaufen. They also allow you to purchase items faster by allowing customers to save payment info and make in-app payments by logging into an account.

More responsive and easy to navigate than website

Shopping-Apps sind in der Regel auch reaktionsschneller und einfacher zu navigieren als mobile Websites. This can be important for customers who have trouble with websites. Mobile apps can allow you to organize and redirect customers to precisely what they need without any distractions that could take them away from your website. This will provide higher Kundenzufriedenheit and can lead to more sales.

An example of how mobile shopping app looks on mobile device

Discounts and app exclusive deals

In addition to being more responsive and easy to navigate, mobile shopping apps often offer exclusive deals and discounts that are not available on the retailer’s website. This can be a major draw for customers, as they can save money by using the app. As mobile traffic continues to grow, businesses need to take advantage of mobile shopping apps to attract new customers.

Social media

The internet’s driving force is engagement. The more time people spend using your app, the better it is for your company.

When it comes to increasing engagement, there’s no better option than social media. Noch, if you want to make your app work with major social networking sites, you should consider advertising on them as a first step.

Zu generate a large following on social media, you’ll need a strong social media campaign. Running popular platforms such as Facebook and YouTube for your app’s launch is an excellent method to get all of the attention it deserves right away.

Once you’ve obtained all of the downloads, encourage new users to join up with their social media profiles. This will make future social media sharing a breeze. Ähnlich, you should include social media buttons and other shareable call-to-actions in your app. Um Menschen dazu zu bringen, sie zu nutzen, Möglicherweise müssen Sie ihnen verlockende Anreize bieten.

Für bestimmte Benutzer, challenges and other enjoyable methods are the most effective incentive for sharing in-app material. Sie können die Benutzerinteraktion auch steigern, indem Sie die App mit Social-Media-Feeds über die Share-Buttons hinaus verknüpfen. Dies ist ein Standard-Extra, das von den meisten Entwicklungsfirmen angeboten wird.

Marketing channel

Ein weiterer Bereich Ihres Unternehmens, der erheblich von einer maßgeschneiderten mobilen Anwendung profitieren könnte, ist die Marketingabteilung. Wenn Unternehmen auf Mobilgeräte umsteigen, digital marketers get direct access to user data, one of the first obvious benefits.

User sessions and entry points can be extremely beneficial for marketing efforts. An app may deliver content to your users more effectively than other traditional marketing methods because it gives you access to all of the data your marketers need.

Whether you’re marketing to consumers or businesses, going mobile allows you to give the greatest deals at the customer’s fingertips.

Here are some ways mobile features make this direct approach to marketing possible:

  • Response time: Users want to get to their intended action as quickly as possible, so they usually immediately interact with your offers or prompts. You may need to wait up to six hours on average for emails.
  • Mitteilungen: Push notifications have a lot of power when it comes to mobile. Im Durchschnitt, push alerts have almost 70% Opt-in-Rate. The difference between 5% und 70% is obvious compared to email marketing’s 5%.
  • In-app clickthrough rates: Anzeigen, calls-to-action (CTA), and other business-related elements will always have a higher clickthrough rate within applications. This is equally true for push notifications.
  • Standort-Daten: Knowing the customer’s current location is a valuable piece of information for mobile marketers. Damit, they can send hyper-local offers and notifications to users.
  • Integrated solutions: When you connect different mobile marketing channels (banner-Werbung, video ads, etc.), response rates increase by an average of 73%.

Die Kombination von Mobile mit anderen digitalen Marketingkanälen bietet eine ganzheitlichere Sicht auf das Kundenverhalten, was hilft, zukünftige mobile Marketingbemühungen zu lenken.


Kundenservice is a new field with some old rules. Kunden erwarten schnelle Antworten, die die Verwendung mobiler Geräte für die Interaktion erfordern. Der mobile Kundensupport hat sowohl für Geschäftsinhaber als auch für Verbraucher mehrere Vorteile.

Kunden dürfen sich selbst bedienen. Einbettung hilfreich, Ein benutzerfreundliches Hilfecenter in Ihrer App könnte eine akzeptable Methode sein, um Ihre Kunden dabei zu unterstützen, so schnell wie möglich Antworten auf ihre Fragen zu erhalten.

Die Anzahl der vom Kundendienst bearbeiteten Anfragen sinkt. Mit wachsenden Erwartungen an den Kundenservice, Eine mobile App kann die Belastung Ihrer Mitarbeiter erheblich verringern.

The most effective approach to providing outstanding client service is ensuring that few or no problems develop. Bevor der Verbraucher auf ein Problem stößt, data from your application may assist you in monitoring possible concerns or questions. Allerdings, while you think about it, a well-designed mobile app is always good news for customer service.

Loyalty Programs

So weit, we’ve looked at how mobile marketing can be extremely useful for businesses that want to reach their customers through mobile devices. But there are also ways in which mobile marketing can help your business cultivate relationships with its customers—especially when using loyalty programs.

Loyalty-Programme have been around for decades. Allerdings, mobile loyalty apps are on the rise—a mobile trend that’s likely to stick around for at least a few more years.

What are mobile loyalty apps?

A mobile loyalty app is an application on your customer’s mobile device which allows them to earn rewards or discounts by making purchases or taking specific actions within the mobile shopping app. They can do this while they’re outside of your store, sometimes even while they’re in another one! This means customers have more opportunities to promote your brand and products.

Mobile loyalty programs have increased in popularity because they leave users with positive experiences that encourage them to come back again and again.

According to a study completed by IDC Research, we’ve seen that:

  • Loyalty mobile app users are 2.5 times more likely to be “befriedigt” with a retailer’s mobile app.
  • Loyalty mobile app users are 2.8 times more likely to recommend the retailer’s mobile app to their friends.
  • Loyalty mobile app users spend almost four times more on average than those who don’t use the retailer’s loyalty mobile app.
  • Satisfaction with loyalty mobile apps is highest among millennials (83%)

The stats show that, if done correctly, implementing a mobile loyalty app can yield amazing results for your business. So, what makes these apps so successful? What do customers like about them?

There are a few key reasons:

  • Komfort: Customers appreciate not having to carry physical cards around.
  • Acceleration: Businesses can see how mobile loyalty apps immediately impact their bottom line.
  • Personalisierung: When customers use mobile loyalty apps, they feel like your brand recognizes them.
  • Rewards: Customers are motivated to continue using mobile loyalty apps when they know they’ll be rewarded for doing so.

Getting in on the mobile movement now allows you to cash in before these numbers skyrocket even higher. Mobile also allows you to engage with users wherever and whenever they are most likely engaging at a high level with brands, Das ist großartig für die Kundenbindung. Überlegen Sie also unbedingt, wie mobiles Marketing Ihrem Unternehmen und Ihren Kunden zugute kommen kann.

Customer insights

Kundeneinblicke sind erforderlich, um im 21. Jahrhundert profitabel zu wirtschaften. Außerdem, Kundeneinblicke sind notwendig, wenn Sie einen erfolgreichen Marketingplan haben wollen.

Ihre mobile App kann eine zuverlässige und wertvolle Quelle für Verbrauchereinblicke sein. Wenn Sie einen Gegenwert bieten, Verbraucher sind in der Regel bereit, einige wichtige Informationen mit Ihnen zu teilen.

There are several entry points for these insights to be tracked.

A survey or questionnaire on a landing page is usually the best option. You can provide incentives or rewards when you wish users to complete a survey or fill out a form. Once you’ve analyzed the data at your disposal, your marketing’s weak and strong spots will become obvious.

New customers

You can also use mobile shopping apps to die Besucher zu neuen Kunden. Zum Beispiel, you can entice potential customers with a one-time offer or reward for signing up for your mobile loyalty app.

When someone signs up for your mobile app, they’re essentially providing you with their contact information.

You can then use this information to send them targeted marketing messages.

You can also use mobile loyalty apps to keep track of customer purchase histories. This information can help you determine which products are most popular among your customers.

You can also use this information to create special offers and discounts for your most loyal customers.

Why Don’t You Have a Mobile App?

If you’re not mobile-friendly, you’re going to lose out on a lot of potential sales in the near future. Zum Glück, implementing mobile marketing is easier than ever before, and there are plenty of great mobile marketing agencies that can help get you started.

Just remember that mobile is about more than having a mobile-optimized website. It’s also about having a mobile shopping app, Mitteilungen, location data, and integrating mobile with other digital marketing channels. If you can do all that, you’ll be well on your way to reaping the benefits of mobile marketing.

Ecwid can help you keep all of your sales and info in one place. Ecwid allows you to connect all your sales avenues together so you can keep tabs on stock, announce sales, and change inventory, alles an einem Ort.

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