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20 Fantastische Ecwid-Updates, die Ihnen stundenlange Arbeit ersparen

22 min read

Did you know that you can customize your checkout without any coding? Or that you can scan damaged barcodes with the Ecwid Mobile App?

It’s time to get you up-to-date on new helpful tools in your Ecwid store! Check out fresh Ecwid updates that make running an online store easier than ever by simplifying your storefront design, Versand, Steuern, managing orders, und mehr.

Customize Your Checkout Without Coding

Wenn Sie online verkaufen with Ecwid by Lightspeed, your store benefits from a clean and modern one-page checkout. It’s designed to make placing an order convenient for your customers, preventing cart abandonment due to a long or awkward checkout process.

Zur gleichen Zeit, we understand that businesses are unique, just like their target audiences. That’s why we wanted you to be able to tweak the standard checkout to better adjust it to your business.

Now you can add custom fields to any part of your checkout page in less than a minute. No coding needed!

Custom fields allow you to collect additional information from customers, such as gift messages, shoppers’ tax IDs, packaging preferences, delivery preferences, and whatever other information you might need.

An example of a custom checkbox field at checkout

The settings of custom fields are very flexible. Sie können:

  • Add a title and placeholder for instructions for each field and choose a field type (Textfelder, Radio Knöpfe, dropdowns, date and time, selection buttons, Checkboxen).
  • Make it so that filling out fields can be required or optional für Ihre Kunden.
  • Hinzufügen as many custom fields as you need to any checkout step.
  • Sort checkout fields as you like when you add two or more custom fields to the same checkout page.

The rich custom field settings allow you to adjust the checkout as you need while keeping the checkout process convenient and quick for your customers.

Erfahren Sie mehr: So passen Sie den Online-Checkout an, um das Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern & Vertrieb

Set up custom fields for your checkout using these instructions from the Hilfe-Center.

Manage Taxes with Ease

I love calculating taxes manually,” said no one ever. Zum Glück, you can enable automatic tax calculation in your Ecwid store and get a precise tax rate on each order, depending on the customer and store locations.

Until the recent update, the automatic tax calculation tool was available for products with standard tax rates and stores based in the USA, die EU, das Vereinigte Königreich, Kanada, Australien, oder Neuseeland. To make managing taxes even easier, we made automatic tax calculations available for more countries and products.

Calculate Taxes Automatically for Non-Standard or Tax-Exempt Products

Before recent updates, automatic tax calculation worked with standard tax rates. If you sold non-taxable products or items with a tax rate different from standard tax rates, you had to set up taxes manually. Zum Glück, you don’t have to do that anymore!

Jetzt, automatic tax calculation works with non-standard tax rates too. Zum Beispiel, this works for reduced tax or zero tax products.

After you set up product-specific tax rates for your items, your store will automatically calculate the correct taxes at checkout. It’ll consider special product rates, plus store and customer locations.

The standard tax rate is applied by default unless you set up a non-standard tax rate for a product.

Complying with your country’s tax laws takes less effort, no matter what products you sell.

Learn how to assign product-specific rates for automatic taxes in our Hilfe-Center.

Enable Automatic Taxes When Selling in non-EU countries in Europe

Great news for sellers from non-EU European countries! Jetzt, automatic tax calculations are available for shops in Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Island, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norwegen, Serbia, and Switzerland.

You no longer need to manually calculate taxes or adjust tax settings according to tax changes in your country. All tax rates are up to date and automatically updated when a country announces upcoming changes in their sales tax rules.

Learn how to set up automatic taxes in your Ecwid store in our Hilfe-Center.

Make Your Store Entirely Multilingual

If you sell abroad or your business is based in a country with several official languages, it makes sense to Machen Sie Ihren Shop mehrsprachig. Auf diese Weise, your customers can shop in their preferred language.

All you have to do is add translations of your catalog, like product names, Beschreibungen, Optionen, and category names. Ecwid by Lightspeed will automatically translate the rest — texts on buttons, Rechnungen, and notifications.

With the latest updates, you can manually translate more in your Ecwid store, wie:

  • Captions for theOrder comments” section on checkout so that customers speaking different languages understand what this checkout field is for.
  • Titles and descriptions of shipping methods, lokale Lieferung, and in-store pickup options to let customers know when orders will arrive, among other important information about shipping.
  • SEO titles and meta descriptions for product pages. Auf diese Weise, you can optimize how your products show up to an international audience in search engines and get more visitors from the search results.

You can have Ecwid translate a shipping method name to match the customers’ language

Learn how to offer your store in multiple languages in the Hilfe-Center.

Save Time Editing Product Attributes in Bulk

Möglicherweise kennen Sie den Bulk Product Editor bereits, a spreadsheet-like tool that lets you update product information for dozens of products at once. Dieses Tool spart Ihnen Zeit und Mühe, wenn Sie viele Produkte gleichzeitig bearbeiten müssen, as you don’t have to open product pages one by one to make changes to item information.

After the recent update, you can bulk edit even more details of your catalog, such as product attributes and their translations. These are additional product details, zum Beispiel, Maße, Farben, Marke, or materials.

Updating product attributes with Bulk Product Editor

You’ll appreciate the new settings if your store has a large product catalog. No matter if you need to edit materials or colors for 5 oder 50 Produkte, you can do so quickly and easily.

Learn how to use Bulk Product Editor in the Hilfe-Center.

See Where Your Orders Come From

Have you ever wondered how many customers bought a product after clicking on your Google ad? Oder, how many orders come through Instagram? Your store analytics are invaluable to see what promotions and tools work best so you can double down on the marketing campaigns that bring you more orders.

Natürlich, you can always use the analytics tools of the different websites and applications to better understand where your customers come from. Allerdings, busy business owners don’t always have time to switch between tools.

That’s why we updated your ecommerce store to allow you to track your order sources right in your Ecwid Control Panel! Whether it’s from Facebook Shop, an abandoned cart email, or a Google ad — you can easily see where your order came from on the order details page.

Thanks to UTM (or Urchin Tracking Module) Stichworte, tracking the sources of your orders is not only possible but easy. You can assign certain links with UTM tags, allowing you to track traffic that is coming to your website from said links. Each link will be associated with a certain source, like Facebook or Google. Then when a customer clicks a link with the UTM tag and makes a purchase in your store, you will see where the order came from.

Zum Beispiel, this order was placed through an abandoned cart email

If you have several orders from the same source, you can click a link on the order details page to see the list of orders associated with this source. In just one click, you’ll see how many sales you got thanks to that particular source.

You can download the order source information along with other information about orders. Auf diese Weise, it’s easier to compare your campaigns and see which one brings more revenue.

Learn how to create UTM tags and use them to track the sources of your orders in the Hilfe-Center.

Manage Your Store On Mobile Effortlessly

Mit Ecwid Mobile apps for iPhone and Android, you can manage your online store wherever you go. Mit unseren neuesten Updates, the app can simplify order processing like never before.

Scan Text with Your Phone to Minimize Typing

The Ecwid mobile app saves you time typing product details, Kunden-Adressen, Telefonnummern, E-Mails, and tracking numbers. This is all possible thanks to a tool called the Live Text feature. You can use it if you have an iOS 15 (und später) Gerät.

All you have to do is point your camera at the text on a picture or document, and the app will instantly upload the text into the text field. That drastically saves you time and effort when you need to edit order and customer information. No need to type in an email address, Telefonnummer, customer’s name, Adresse, und so weiter. Let your phone do it in a second!

Scanning text with the Ecwid Mobile App to add a customer name

Live Text works with both handwritten and printed text in English, Chinesisch, Portugiesisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Deutsch, und Spanisch. To start using Live Text, double-tap any text field in the Ecwid app and choose to scan the content. Point your camera at the text on a picture, and it will automatically upload into the text field.

Scan Even Damaged Barcodes Successfully

With your Ecwid mobile app for iOS or Android, you can scan barcodes on products to add new items to the catalog, connect barcodes to existing products, and quickly find items and orders in your store. You can also scan barcodes on shipping labels to connect the tracking number to a specific order.

Jetzt, your barcode scanner is even more helpful! Our new update allows the scanner to recognize and decode even poor-quality barcodes in any lighting condition. Even if a barcode is damaged, slightly visible, upside down, or dirty, you can still scan it with your Ecwid app and successfully continue with your day-to-day tasks.

Learn more about using a barcode scanner in your Ecwid app in the Hilfe-Center.

Set Cost Prices for Products

Cost price is the amount of money it takes for you to produce a product. Whether you make products yourself or buy them from a supplier, keeping track of your cost price and retail price (the one customers see) helps you determine your profit.

Now you can set a cost price for each product and product variation in your store. Mach dir keine sorgen, cost prices are hidden from customers — only you see them in your Control Panel.

After you set up cost prices for your products, your store will automatically calculate the profit and the profit margin. Auf diese Weise, you’ll see how much money you make from each product.

Cost prices are invisible to customers in your Ecwid store

Set up cost prices using the instructions from the Hilfe-Center.

Show More Accurate Delivery Dates

Showing an estimated delivery date at checkout improves a customer’s experience in your store, as it helps shoppers quickly decide which shipping or delivery option to choose from.

We made the estimated delivery time tool more flexible so that you can go the extra mile for your customers, earning their trust and increasing retention rates:

  • Einrichten delivery time and pickup preparation time for each product. Auf diese Weise, more accurate delivery dates will be shown on product pages and checkout to help customers choose the best shipping, Lieferung, or pickup method.
  • Show the delivery date right on a product page. It’s especially useful when shipping or delivery needs to be extra predictable during the holiday season. For self-pickup, you can show an estimated available time for pickup.

Customers can see an estimated delivery time on product pages

Learn more about informing customers about an estimated delivery or pickup date in the Hilfe-Center.

Buy Shipping Labels for More Countries

Mit Ecwid von Lightspeed, you can buy shipping labels right from your Control Panel, print them, put them on your parcels, and drop them off at the nearest post office.

Buying shipping labels from your Control Panel is more convenient and saves you money. Rates for labels bought through the Control Panel are lower than retail rates at the post office. You can save a great deal of money, especially if you ship many orders.

Now buying shipping labels in the Control Panel is available for sellers from more countries:

Buying a shipping label from PostNL from the Control Panel

Learn more about how to buy discounted shipping labels in our Hilfe-Center.

Show Every Detail of Your Products

With the new zoom-on-hover effect, customers using a desktop can view even the smallest details on your product pictures. This feature helps show off your products’ material, textur, and intricate patterns. A lifesaver for businesses selling apparel, Schmuck, Zubehör, or any other products with lots of small details.

The zoom-on-hover effect is enabled automatically for all high-resolution product pictures that are 1.5x bigger than the product thumbnail shown on the product page.

The zoom-on-hover effect is immediately available for new Ecwid sellers. If you created your store some time ago, Wenden Sie sich an unser Kundenservice-Team and they’ll enable the zoom-on-hover effect for you.

Add More Payment Options

Offering your customers more payment options helps prevent abandoned carts. Shoppers are more likely to finish a purchase when they see convenient and familiar payment options at the checkout.

Even before our update, you could choose from 80+ safe and convenient payment options using an Ecwid by Lightspeed store.

Now there are even more options!

Enable One-Touch Payment with Amazon Pay

You can enable one-touch payments using the Amazon Pay button at checkout with the Amazon Pay App aus dem Ecwid App Market. Customers won’t have to enter their card details. Statt, they’ll check out using the payment details stored in their Amazon account.

Amazon Pay at checkout

Amazon Pay is available for merchants from the US, das Vereinigte Königreich, Österreich, Belgien, Zypern, Dänemark, Frankreich, Deutschland, Ungarn, Irland, Italien, Japan, Luxemburg, die Niederlande, Portugal, Spanien, Schweden, and Switzerland.

Allow “Buy Now, Pay Later” with Zip Payments

Let customers pay for purchases in installments with the Zip Payments App aus dem Ecwid App Market. Shoppers can pay for the order with four interest-free payments spread over 6 Wochen. The app is available for sellers from Australia, Kanada, Tschechien, Indien, Mexiko, Neuseeland, the Philippines, Polen, Saudi Arabien, Südafrika, VAE, das Vereinigte Königreich, and the US.

You can also offer customers other “Buy Now, Pay Later” options through Klarna, Afterpay, Clearpay, Laybuy, oder PayPal.

Accept Payments with Cayan

If you sell in the US, you can offer your customers to pay with Cayan. This payment option is displayed at the store checkout and customers don’t need to leave the store to complete the payment. That makes for a more convenient checkout experience.

Accept Payments with Viva Wallet

European sellers can accept online payments with the Viva Wallet App aus dem Ecwid App Market. This option supports multiple payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, apple-Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Alipay, JCB, WeChat Pay, and local payment methods. Viva Wallet is especially popular in Greece, so Greek sellers should make sure to take advantage of this powerful tool.

Power Your Store with New Apps

Die Ecwid App-Markt offers dozens of apps to customize your store, promote it, try new sales channels, and offer more payment and shipping options. Here are a few new apps you can install in your Ecwid store.

Connect Your Store to Telegram

Now you can sell your products on Telegram, one of the most popular messenger apps. With the Telegram Storefront app, you can create a messenger bot for your Ecwid store that helps customers buy, Suche, and share your products.

You can also use the app to promote your store in Telegram communities and send messages to your subscribers to generate repeat sales.

Customers can buy products from a Telegram bot for your Ecwid store

Check out the Ecwid App Market to learn more about the Telegram Storefront app and install it in your online store.

Sell More Products with Product Bundles

To motivate customers to buy several products instead of one, display the Amazon-style “Frequently Bought Together” bundle on your product page. Zum Beispiel, when someone is looking at buying sunglasses, suggest that they add a belt and a summer dress to their order.

You can do that with the new Upsell & Cross Sell Kit app that helps you increase how much your store sells.

Check out the Ecwid App Market to learn more about the Upsell & Cross Sell Product Kit app and install it in your online store.

Manage Product Ribbons Easily

Produktbänder help you highlight featured products on your storefront, ob es ein Bestseller ist, Rabattprodukt, neues Produkt, oder jedes andere Objekt, das im Rampenlicht steht.

Examples of product ribbons

Allerdings, when you have a large product catalog, managing product ribbons manually might take some time. Zum Glück, with the new AutoRibbons app, you can get that time back by automating product ribbons management.

The app allows you to create rules that automatically enable ribbons for specific products. Zum Beispiel, the app can automatically assign a “New” ribbon on products that were launched less than a week ago. Or disable “Sale” ribbons for products when the sale is over.

Check out the Ecwid App Market to learn more about the AutoRibbons app and install it in your online store.

Sie können einen Punkt und ein Komma verwenden, wo immer Sie es brauchen

Bei Ecwid von Lightspeed, we constantly work to make selling online more streamlined for business owners. Make sure you don’t miss new tools that simplify your day-to-day routine. You can find more information about tools and updates here:

  • For the full timeline of updates, groß und Klein, besuchen Sie die Hilfe-Center.
  • Peek into the Was’s Neue Registerkarte in Ihrer Systemsteuerung, um Tools zu aktivieren, die eine manuelle Aktivierung erfordern.
  • Subscribe to the Ecwid Blog-Newsletter to be the first to know about the most exciting tools.
  • Setzen Sie ein Lesezeichen für Ecwid-Updates Abschnitt des Blogs.

Have an idea on how to make an ecommerce store function better for you and thousands of other merchants? Need help fine-tuning your Ecwid store to your business’s needs? Zögern Sie nicht, contact our Customer Care team with your questions—we’re happy to help!




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