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How To Get Your Product On The Product Review Blog

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This era is all about the new products being marketed on the internet. If your product is great, you are not guaranteed to sell it successfully. Allerdings, if you have marketed it right, there is assurance that your product will be noted or even famous. Among the numerous paths and strategies available to help you achieve this, getting your product on product review blogs is growing in popularity and has proven to be very effective. Die Realität ist, getting your products on the product review blogs is quite a skill that is not very difficult to learn.

In diesem Handbuch, we’ll be going over the basics of how to get your product on product review blogs, top marketing tips, and examples to guide you along the way.

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What are Product Review Blogs?

A product review blog is a website with hundreds of daily viewers which showcase and review different products in exchange for a fee. These review blogs have revolutionized the product marketing industry. If you are able to get your product on an influential product review blog, your sales skyrocket immediately.

Selling and marketing the product right is all about getting a hold of the right product review blog. It must be one that can offer the most suitable services to market your product. There are various different platforms through which different product review blogs operate.

Feature Your product On The Right Product Review Blogs

It is necessary that you find the right product review blog to feature your product. As mentioned earlier, with the right review blog, your product can become internet’s bestseller within hours. There are many ways to find the right product review blogs but be ready to do intensive research on social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok.

How does one find the right product review blogs? This requires some basic knowledge of internet marketing and keywords being used across platforms. There are various websites that can help you find the correct keywords for your product to find the best review blogs for your product. These include websites such as Keyword-Tool.

The next step is to find bloggers and creators who create related content and approach them.

How to get bloggers to review your product?

There are numerous ways to get your product to a blogger and have them review it. These reviews, especially if done genuinely have an important role in making your product famous on the internet.

There are various ways you can get bloggers to review your product.

  • Send PR packages

    One of the best ways to get a product review blog or social media influencer to review your product is to send them a free sample to test and review over their blog. The majority of such accounts do mention that it is a PR product, but most readers don’t mind it. The more creative and organic the review is, the better it is for your product sells.

  • Email offers to bloggers

    Sending email offers to collaborate and review your product for your brand is another great way to feature your product on different product review blogs. These can be a little risky in terms of whether the blogger will even be able to receive and open your email or not to begin with. Once the bloggers agree to review your products, you receive some of the most genuine reviews ever.

  • Host a launch event and invite bloggers to the event

    Another unique way is to host a launch event for your product and invite various bloggers to the event. In der Regel, the bloggers get a small free sample to review for their pages. This generates bulk content for your product but it may not always be as powerful as organic reviews.

  • Affiliate programs

    Another quick and easy approach is to offer product review bloggers an incentive for featuring and promoting your products. This can be easily done through affiliate marketing, oder mit anderen Worten, simply offering bloggers their own discount link to promote on their blogs in exchange for a percentage for every sale.

As you’ve probably noticed, the options are many when it relates to working with product review bloggers. It’s actually not as complicated or complex as some might think, and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can soon have our products reviewed across hundreds of review blogs, significantly increasing your sales.

Best Product Review Blogs

Here is a list of the five best general product review blogs to check out.

  1. ConsumerSearch: It contains all the best reviews for any given category. It has been ranked as the number one product review blog by various websites.
  2. CNET: This product review blog provides parental tips for parents who need advice on buying new technological gadgets for their kids.
  3. Cafe Mom: This website is your cool mom. It focuses on relationships, life, Mode, lifestyle, health and basically anything you can think of.
  4. The Verge: Like CNET, the Verge provides product reviews about the new technological gadgets in the market. They focus on the latest gadgets and consumer electronics.
  5. Into Mobile: This website is your guide to buying reliable products from other countries.

Beauty and Hair Product Reviews Blog

  • Live Glam: This website provides reviews and “best of” blogs. There are higher chances of being published on their blog multiply in various articles.
  • Bilden & Beauty Blog: This blog provides honest reviews with visual content to appeal to the buyer’s eye.
  • British Beauty Blogger: If you’re looking for a more personalized, one-person review that has more potential influencing people on which hair products to buy, this blog is for you!
  • Get the Gloss: This website offers honest reviews about haircare products and would be a wonderful website to get your product featured on.

Food Product Reviews Blog

When it comes to food, it may be hard to find blogs that offer honest and attention-calling reviews to prompt your products. Trotzdem, Mach dir keine sorgen, we got you covered!

  • Meat Savory: If you’re in the meat business, you might want to check out Meat Savory. They have honest reviews about different meat products in the country.
  • The Halal Food Blog: If you’re looking for halal food review blogs, The Halal Food Blog has great reviews including a variety of different restaurants in the country.
  • Vegblogger: Jetzt, if you’re a vegan business, VegBlogger has you covered in terms of marketing. Their blog posts are detailed which is great to appeal to customers.
  • The Trendy Blog: This blog has a database of reviews of vegetarian options. So, if you’re a vegetarian business, featuring your products on The Trendy Blog would be a great option.

Pet Product Review Blog

If we break down pet products for more common pets such as dogs, cats, or fish. Here are a few review blogs that will be great for featuring such products.

  • Little Dog Tips: If you have any pet dog-related products, this is the site for you to feature your product. Their reviews range from dog spas to best dog food.
  • Sparkles & Sunshine Blog: You just introduced a new cat product in the market; this blog is where you will want to feature your product. From cat food to cat gift ideas, they have reviewed everything.
  • Aquarium Fish Blog: For pet fish-related products, one should work towards building a contact to have this blog review them.

Amazon Product Review Blog

Most Amazon Product Review Blogs are TikTok accounts that buy and review Amazon products. They often have over a million views for a video. They are the ultimate place for marketing.

The steps you have to take in order to get reviewed by those amazon Review blogs are the following:

  1. List your product on Amazon.
  2. Find a content creator (Amazon review blogger) to review your product by sending it to them for free.
  3. You will see your sales skyrocketing within a few days.

Abschließende Gedanken

Product Review blogs are great for creating brand awareness and attracting customers to your page. With a small investment and small effort form your part, you can reach thousands to even millions for an unlimited amount of time. The determining factors for success are making sure you find the best review blogs for your audience and strategically asking to have your product featured. Nach diesem, the rest is rather simple and undemanding.

If you’re planning to venture into the waters of ecommerce or simply wish to create a website for your online store before reaching out to product review bloggers, you can create your own free website at Ecwid. Es, you’ll get the chance to list your products and offer a secure payment method for your customers.

Enlisting your products and marketing them for sale online is made incredibly easy with Ecwid. Make your account today at Ecwid!

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