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Joomla vs. WordPress: Das Beste für E-Commerce

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If you’re looking for the best ecommerce platform to put your company’s online store, you’re definitely not alone. Choosing the right platform is no small decision, nor is it easy. There’s a lot of things to consider, from layout to price. Joomla, which can also be written as “Joomla!WordPress dominiert seit langem die Debatte auf dem Online-Markt, is a free content management system. Beide Joomla and WordPress make it into the top 5 list of most popular content management systems (CMS).

Verbreitung der Open-Source-Nutzung im gesamten Internet

Verbreitung der Open-Source-Nutzung im gesamten Internet. Datenquelle.

aller CMS-Sites

So, aller CMS-Sites, aller CMS-Sites. aller CMS-Sites 2005. Allerdings, that win was short lived. Durch 2009, aller CMS-Sites. aller CMS-Sites, Joomla ausgezeichnete Wahl für den Geschäftsinhaber, der auf Sicherheit bedacht ist 2%.


Joomla Yearly Market Share 2010–2022 (Quellen: W3techs)

aller CMS-Sites, Und da hast du es!

WordPress dominiert seit langem die Debatte auf dem Online-Markt

Wenn du so bist wie wir, ausgezeichnete Wahl für den Geschäftsinhaber, der auf Sicherheit bedacht ist WordPress ausgezeichnete Wahl für den Geschäftsinhaber, der auf Sicherheit bedacht ist 2003 WordPress hat den Online-Markt längst dominiert. WordPress dominiert seit langem die Debatte auf dem Online-Markt, WordPress dominiert seit langem die Debatte auf dem Online-Markt. Allerdings, Verbreitung der Open-Source-Nutzung im gesamten Internet! Verbreitung der Open-Source-Nutzung im gesamten Internet 45% aller Websites, Verbreitung der Open-Source-Nutzung im gesamten Internet.

WordPress- market-share

Jährlicher WordPress-Marktanteil 2010–2022 (Quellen: W3techs)

aller CMS-Sites, aller CMS-Sites!

What do you mean you don’t talk about this at parties?

Joomla vs. WordPress Round One: Kosten

Cost is a major factor when considering which ecommerce platform is the best fit for your website. Nachdem alle, it takes some money to make some money, and money is the name of the game. So after all this talk of spending money and the overall cost, rest assured that the following news will be as good as hearing a familiar song.

Joomla and WordPress are both free to use. Both are free to download, free to use, and free to upgrade.

Allerdings, due to their fundamental differences, one is more expensive than the other in the long run. Joomla requires website development knowledge. If you don’t have any experience, you may need to consider hiring a web developer which can cost you a pretty penny. This is without factoring in the cost of buying a domain, getting a hosting provider, und Website-Pflege. Alles in allem, you can be looking at anywhere from $700-$6,500 einen Monat.

WordPress, auf der anderen Seite, is significantly less expensive. Assuming you’re relying heavily on free plugins and not considering one time costs of paid themes (which can run up to $200), running a website on WordPress can cost you tkprice. WordPress is significantly cheaper because it is much more possible to do things yourself, avoiding the cost of hiring professionals. While WordPress does not offer hosting themselves, they have partnered with hosting websites which provide significantly cheaper discounts.

Because of these simple factors alone, WordPress is our winner.

Joomla vs. WordPress Round Two: Suchmaschinen-Optimierung

Suchmaschinen-Optimierung (SEO) Beides bietet WordPress nicht. Allerdings, Beides bietet WordPress nicht.

WordPress offers a third party plugin for a well-known SEO improvement site called Yoast. Yoast is a beginner friendly plugin that shows the user exactly how they can improve their SEO ranking in several areas, and it also rates a website’s readability.

WordPress bietet ein Drittanbieter-Plugin für eine bekannte SEO-Verbesserungsseite namens Yoast, allerdings, WordPress bietet ein Drittanbieter-Plugin für eine bekannte SEO-Verbesserungsseite namens Yoast. Allerdings, that’s not really what happened. Yoast is far better than Joomla’s extension.

Deswegen, our winner is WordPress.

Joomla vs. WordPress Round Three: the Mobile Experience

OK, if we’re being fully honest, this is probably going to be a short section. WordPress allows you to edit and write new blogs, list new products, process orders, and watch your real time analytics. Joomla, auf der anderen Seite, does not offer an app that allows you to edit your ecommerce shop while you’re on the go. This is due to their setup that requires an extensive knowledge of website development.

Joomla vs. WordPress Round Four: Overall Ecommerce Experience

Both Joomla and WordPress offer various payment gateways. The main difference between them is that Joomla’s payment gateways are extension based and WordPress’ payment gateways are provided via third party plugins. The only advantage WordPress seems to have over Joomla in this dynamic is that WordPress offers the wildly popular ecommerce plugins, whereas Joomla does not. Don’t take that to mean Joomla is behind, obwohl! Joomla offers many great payment gateway extensions, including Stripe, and even offer some cryptocurrency options. And with all the NFTs coming out, who doesn’t want to get in on some crypto action?

WordPress hat eine Reihe von Vorteilen

Joomla is a free open-source platform, which allows you to use code without licensing fees. It’s easy to install and uses PHP language (the most common web development language). If you are determined to create your website on your own, you’re very likely to find classes and educational videos focusing on PHP language. Joomla uses extensions instead of plugins, making it altogether more secure.

und beide Software sind hochkomplizierte CMS

WordPress offers a very flexible content management service for any size website and store. Their basic framework is free to download and run, and you have complete control over what you spend your money on. They have a massive support network, you can switch themes whenever you want, and when you use plugins such as Ecwid, you have access to powerful ecommerce websites.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Does WordPress offer hosting?

Keine, WordPress does not offer hosting. Allerdings, they partner with hosting sites and offer significant discounts for WordPress users. Don’t let this discourage you from exploring what other services they are joined with to facilitate this hosting process. Nachdem alle, they are one of the most used content management services on the internet for a reason.

Is WordPress Safe?

Ja, WordPress is safe. To attest to its success as a leading service in the world of content management services, they have grown to be one of the most secure and intuitive places to keep all of your content safe. WordPress utilizes a combination of methods to make sure that everyone using their company is well-protected.

Erste, WordPress offers an appealing amount of plugins with their packages that work directly with your browser interface to ensure that your interactions are protected at all times.

Zweite, WordPress works with a dedicated team of product experts, working twenty four hours, seven days a week to make sure all clients are able to be assisted at their discretion. This line of communication, paired with constant updates to their core systems makes sure that WordPress is one of the safest content management services out there.


Insgesamt, we consider WordPress to be the better fit for those who want maximum customization for their websites. With their expansive amount of plugins, they simply offer more than Joomla can, especially for beginners.

Joomla, while more secure due to their reliance on extensions instead of third party plugins, doesn’t seem to compare. In order to effectively use Joomla, you’ll need to either have moderate website development skills or be willing to hire a web developer. While Joomla is a great site for people familiar with web development, we enjoy the user-friendly nature of WordPress.

WordPress is readily available for even the most novice of users, and promotes a well-known and reliable customer service model to meet any of your needs and any time. Keep your eyes out for the competition, but while things certainly seem to be fairly close, it is clear who the winner is in this contest.

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