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Warum der Verkauf von E-Commerce à la carte für jedes Unternehmen sinnvoll ist

7 min read

Have you ever gone out to have a meal somewhere, knowing that you wouldn’t actually have a choice about what you ate?

Maybe it was back in school when the cafeteria only had one or two options; or maybe it was at a wedding where you simply picked “Huhn, Fisch, or vegetarianand hoped for the best; or maybe you went out to a nice place, only to find that plates and menus were “set” and your options were limited.

While it probably wasn’t the worst experience, it likely made you miss having the freedom to pick and choose. Because once you’ve gotten used to ordering and getting exactly what you wanted, it’s hard to go back to making do with pre-selected options and someone else’s choices, rechts? You’re never really satisfied.

The same can be said for digital services. Given the choice, wouldn’t you rather shop for only the digital services your company needs on their own (or even build your own bundle of services) rather than buy something that someone else picked out and feels one-size-fits-all?

So why wouldn’t your customers, regardless of the industry you’re in, want the same thing? New’s flash: Sie tun! Giving customers the option to purchase your digital services à la carte — meaning the services are priced and sold separately from the other products and services you offer — enables them to craft the exact service package they need for their business with none ofthe fat.

And alongside your current offerings, there may be no hotter digital service to sell than ecommerce. Die ecommerce industry has seen explosive growth recently, and more and more are seeking top-notch ecommerce services as a growing proportion of the world moves online to do business.

So let’s look at four reasons why businesses should be selling ecommerce services à la carte.

1. Sofortig (and long-term) Einkommen

Earning income and spurring revenue growth are two main goals driving many business owners, Aber die Schaffung neuer Wege zur Erzielung von Einnahmen kann für jedes Unternehmen eine Herausforderung darstellen.

Eine Strategie viele kleine- und mittelständische Unternehmen haben sich vorgenommen, ihre Angebotspalette zu erweitern, indem sie neue digitale Dienstleistungen hinzufügen, die sie an ihre Kunden verkaufen können à la carte, vor allem E-Commerce. Das unglaubliche E-Commerce-Wachstum, das wir oben erwähnt haben, bedeutet, dass mehr Menschen auf der ganzen Welt daran interessiert sind, ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen online zu verkaufen als je zuvor.

Und durch den Verkauf von E-Commerce-Dienstleistungen, you’ll generate income for your business in two ways:

  • You start earning just as soon as your customers sign up for begin creating their stores;
  • You keep earning for as long as your customersaccounts remain active.

That means you’ll start generating revenue for your business shortly after you start selling ecommerce, and it’s revenue you can count on for the long haul. Talk about a win-win for your business!

2. Diversify your revenue streams

There’s a saying that goes, “Die einzige Konstante im Leben ist die Veränderung.” Die letzten Jahre haben das nur scheinbar bestätigt, als globale Pandemien, internationale Konflikte, und die steigende Inflation haben die Welt, wie wir sie kannten, auf den Kopf gestellt.

Ein Gefühl der Unberechenbarkeit scheint mehr denn je zu herrschen, und dieses wachsende Risiko kann das Endergebnis jedes Unternehmens gefährden, das auf den Status quo ausgerichtet ist. Um ihr Geschäft zu schützen (und finanziell) Interessen, Viele Unternehmen diversifizieren ihre Einnahmequellen durch den Verkauf neuer Dienstleistungen wie E-Commerce.

In an increasingly internet-first world, savvy businesses know that ecommerce is the future of how business will be done. Selling ecommerce as a separate, à la carte service helps to future-proof your business and provide another revenue stream that’s outside of your core services, adding diversity to how your company generates income.

3. Build up the stature of your business

Some businesses take on the motto ofGrow or die.While that’s likely a bit extreme for many companies, the underlying point is mostly true: you need to keep enhancing, improving, and evolving what your company does, because those companies that focus on doing just one thing don’t last.

Consider your own business. If you had the choice between working with two partners — one who offers the core services you want and nothing more, while the other is frequently adding on new products and services that would be impactful to your business — wouldn’t you rather work with the company that’s continually trying to make its customerslives better?

Also als digitaler Dienstleister, Ihre aktuellen Kunden werden eher bei Ihnen bleiben (und neue Kunden werden sich eher anmelden) wenn du mehr hinzufügst À-la-carte-Angebote für Ihre Service-Suite wie E-Commerce, da es darauf hinweist, dass Sie ein ausgereiftes und durchdachtes Unternehmen führen: eines, das seine Kunden hält’ braucht vorne und in der Mitte.

4. Bleiben Sie der Konkurrenz voraus

Zusammen mit dem Aufbau der Statur Ihres Unternehmens, Verkauf von E-Commerce und anderen neuen digitalen Diensten à la carte helps your company remain competitive in the industry.

Let’s face facts: it may be cliché, but the old adage, “It isn’t personal, it’s just business,” rings true. Das ist, no matter how much one of your customers may like you, if you aren’t offering the services and support that they need, they’re probably going to move on and work with one of your competitors that tut offer those things.

By expanding your suite of services to include popular offerings like ecommerce, you’ll be providing current customers with the cutting-edge digital services they crave — but from a reputable business they know and trust: yours. And by offering these new services à la carte, you’ll be able to attract new customers who may be looking for ecommerce services but also have other professional needs that the rest of your service suite can meet.

We hope this post has been helpful to you and your business, but we want to hear from you! How does your company go about adding new offerings to its service suite? What sorts of products and services are your customers seeking from you? Lassen Sie uns wissen in den Kommentaren!

Viel Glück!


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