White Label E-commerce

Everything you need to know about white labeling and its benefits to your business


What is a white label e-commerce solution, and why do I need it?

Nowadays, the vast majority of products and services can be ordered online. The need for small businesses to have an online store is growing constantly, and companies who specialize in online services should have a solution.

There are several choices for online store builders that you can offer to your clients. But what if you can offer a solution that’s entirely under your own brand?

Developing and supporting your own full-featured e-commerce platform would be a tricky task requiring time, resources, and significant investment. But with Ecwid’s white label partner program, you can give your clients all of the benefits with none of the headaches or maintenance.

As a white label partner, you can purchase Ecwid plans at a deeply discounted price, rebrand them under your own platform, and resell them to your clients at whatever price you choose.

What are the benefits of white labeling for my company?

There are several key benefits to reselling a white label e-commerce site.
It’s simple. You don’t need to know any technical details about e-commerce to resell it successfully. Online stores are maintained, updated, and supported by Ecwid, so you can focus on sales.
It’s cheap. For less than $300 per year, you get your own brand of e-commerce that includes a white label store management tool, platform updates and maintenance, and priority technical support.
It’s quick. The setup of your partnership account takes just 1 business day. So after you join, you could technically start selling your new white label e-commerce solution the very next day. 90% of our partners are able to successfully launch their service within the first month of signing up.
It’s profitable. There’s no need to spend time and money developing your own e-commerce solution — just join our white label program and start selling right away. You’ll receive deep discounts on Ecwid’s plans, which you can resell at any prices you choose. 80% of our white label partners make their first sale in their first month after launch.

Who can become a white label partner?

In short — anyone!

Our white label program can be designed to fit your company’s needs, so we work with a wide variety of partners including:

SaaS Platforms:Integrate e-commerce using Ecwid's Partner API and create a custom solution with automated account provisioning, single sign-on, custom payments, and more

Agencies: Include cloud e-commerce as part of your web design or other projects, without worrying about maintenance

Site Builders: Easily add high-end e-commerce functionality to your builder, and save 1000s of hours by not building in-house

Hosts: Offer a fully integrated e-commerce solution without the headaches of extensions and upgrades —- no server load or maintenance required

Payments and POS: Scale your merchant portfolio with e-commerce stores designed to work with any payment processor, gateway, or point-of-sale system—with no additional fees

If you’re still unsure if white labeling is the right direction for you, we’d love to talk to you about your needs and find the perfect solution.

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