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Grow, modernize and diversify your business easily
by reselling a leading ecommerce platform!

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How does the partnership work?

It’s as easy as one, two, three:


Choose your partnership level (Silver, Gold, Enterprise) and pay your annual fee.


Work with our team to set up and customize your account, then create stores from your personal dashboard.


Pay your bill at the end of each month for all active store subscriptions on your account.

What do I get as a partner?

Once you join the Partner Program, you’ll unlock access to:

Which partner level is right for you?

Once you join the Partner Program, you’ll unlock access to:

Get access to the partner dashboard and toolkit to sell, create, and manage your customers’ stores
Great for businesses just getting started with ecommerce or that want to create a small number of stores
Expect to create 1-25 stores
Unlock up to 30% discount on Ecwid plans
Don’t need API access; manual store management from partner dashboard
Access to Ecwid support
Can create two demo accounts
A streamlined, utilitarian customer ecommerce experience
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Create a more streamlined customer experience with access to our Partner API and over $400 in value-added services including custom control panel setup, a white label WordPress plugin, and discounts on a custom domain
Perfect for businesses with a larger client base or that plan to create a fair amount of stores
Expect to create 25+ stores
Unlock up to 45% discount on Ecwid plans
Want access to our self-service API, allowing you to build flows like single sign on and store cloning
Access to Ecwid priority support
Can create three demo accounts
A more feature-rich and curated customer ecommerce experience
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Collaborate with our team to create a fully integrated solution for your business, with access to Ecwid’s marketing, development, support, and account management resources
Ideal for large companies who want a custom integrated solution for their business
Expect to create 500+ stores
Connect with our team for details on custom plans and pricing
Custom API integration with the Ecwid Development Team to create a platform tailored to your business
First-tier access to Ecwid priority support
Can create unlimited demo accounts
A customer ecommerce experience designed to your specifications
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Tell us more about your company to get started!

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Build out your service suite

Resell cutting-edge ecommerce that easily integrates with any website along with your other services, and offer a powerful all-in-one solution to give your customers all the tools they need to succeed

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Grow your customer base

Close more deals, gain new customers, and generate new revenue streams by adding an Ecwid shopping cart to your platform and offering an easy-to-use solution for selling online.

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Help your brand stand out

Get ahead of the competition and offer white-labeled ecommerce that’s totally in line with your business — your branding, your logos, your pricing, and your way of doing business.

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Drive ARPU growth

Leverage your new ecommerce service to upsell and cross-sell customers and raise the revenue you’re bringing in from each customer — and draw in new customers with your expanding service offerings, too.

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Make your business stickier

Add ecommerce to your platform or service bundles and make it that much harder for your customers to want to uproot and move their business elsewhere.

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Sell a no-stress solution

Offer ecommerce services with no maintenance or constant updates and upgrades to worry about, so you can focus on your customers and core business.

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Run it all in one spot

Manage all of your ecommerce customers’ accounts and stores from a single central dashboard and help cut out the password and login clutter.

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Frequently asked questions


How does the partner program work?

When you join the Partner Program, we’ll send over everything you need to start reselling ecommerce plans to your own clients. We’ll create a personalized partner dashboard for your business where you can set up store accounts for your clients and manage their plans all in one convenient spot.

Our standard reselling options put your logos alongside Ecwid by Lightspeed’s, but if you’d rather resell ecommerce under your own brand, we can do that too! Our industry-leading white label option lets you feature your own brand name and logos on the store account and login pages with no mention of Ecwid by Lightspeed.

How much does it cost?

We’ve developed our Partner Program so that it can be adapted and tailored to any business of any size — from tiny “mom and pop” shops to large multinational companies. So, what you’ll be charged will depend on the partner level and features you want for your ecommerce.

Regardless of your selected level and features, you’ll have two types of recurring payments related to your partnership:

  • Annual membership fee: When you join the program, you’ll pay a yearly membership fee based on the level you have chosen.
  • Monthly store subscriptions: Each month, we’ll charge you for all of your active paid plans, but at a deeply discounted partner rate. As a reseller, you can set whatever price you’d like for store plans and charge your clients directly.
How do I become a partner?

It's easy! All you need to do is:

  • get in touch and send us your email address;
  • select your partnership level and determine any features you may be interested in;
  • submit the membership fee for your first year using the personal payment link that we’ll email to you;
  • and submit your branding information, such as your company name and logos.

Then, once we have your payment and branding information, we will create your partner dashboard within five business days — and you’ll be ready to start selling ecommerce!

Tell us more about your company to get started!

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us to learn more. In the meantime, check out our Partner Program FAQ page, which provides answers to many common partner questions.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we can’t wait to get this partnership started!

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