Get your app in front of over 1 million merchants

Ecwid merchants sell across industries and markets in over 180 countries. Add your app to the mix.

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Partner with Ecwid

Ecwid’s App Market partners add key selling and management features to Ecwid’s e-commerce platform. But what’s in it for you?

Get your app in front of over 1 million merchants so that you can monetize quickly, with support from the Ecwid team.


Ecwid’s API, docs and process are designed to get your app launched quickly.


Accelerate your app revenue growth through Ecwid’s App Market program, providing you with the resources to drive adoption and engagement. Our partnerships are more than launching and listing an app. Our program is built to support you growing your business while supporting the end SMBs.

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Apply now and start developing for the Ecwid App Market.

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