E-commerce for Agencies

Ecwid’s white label e-commerce is the perfect cloud-based SaaS solution for agencies to bundle with their services in software development, graphic design, and marketing!

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Give your clients more

With Ecwid’s top-rated ease-of-use and fast implementation, your clients will feel comfortable managing their own stores and you can promise short turnaround times for launching custom stores.

Close more deals

When offering your own e-commerce solution, you'll be able to attract new prospects interested in selling online. Ecwid’s affordable pricing coupled with a reseller discount will give your agency a competitive advantage over the competition.

“We used Wix and WooCommerce previously, but it was too difficult to customize and maintain. Being able to resell Ecwid’s e-commerce solution under our own name is great not just from a branding perspective, but also when it comes to the customer experience. Our clients won’t have to deal with third parties or additional solutions. They only come into contact with our agency, and that keeps their experience smooth and seamless.”

David Koder

“We used to use a home-grown e-commerce solution, but didn’t realize how tough it would be to keep up with development and maintenance. With Ecwid’s white label solution, we can still offer e-commerce under our company brand — but can focus on our sales instead of on updates.”

Michelle Jondall

“We were spending too much time and money on custom development. Before Ecwid, our e-commerce solutions were expensive and time-consuming, not ideal for clients who need to be online quickly.”

Joe Abi Raad
“We needed an e-commerce solution that included tracking for marketing campaigns and had open communication with technical support (an area we had issues with our previous vendor). The support staff is very helpful and always responds with clear communication. We are very happy with our partnership with Ecwid and excited to see the advancements in their technology that they continue to work on to benefit all clients.”
“I like that Ecwid is simple and constantly updated. Shopify is too expensive and lots of our needed features require extra payment, while WooCommerce is difficult to manage and not secure. Ultimately, Ecwid gives my business the edge it needs, and improves the bottom line for both me and my customers.”
Carolina Fuguet

Truly White Label E-commerce

When you partner as a reseller you’ll be able to customize Ecwid’s platform to seamlessly fit your brand, pricing plan, and billing schedule.
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Our e-commerce hosting is powered by Amazon Web Services, so you don't need to worry about store speed, software updates, or hidden hosting fees.
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Site Builder Compatible
Ecwid stores can easily be added to any site builder or custom website. Plus, we have a white label WordPress plugin available to resellers.
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Zero Transaction Fees
Over 50 payment providers are supported, and you and your clients will never be charged additional fees for accepting payments.

Build a lasting partnership

Our team wants to make sure you and your merchants find success with Ecwid. Become a partner today and benefit from a platform designed to help your business grow.
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White Label or Co-Brand
White label Ecwid and customize it to fit your brand, or co-brand it as a third-party application.
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Reseller Insights
Create and manage all of your merchants’ stores easily with a personalized and customizable reseller dashboard.
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Zero Maintenance
Never worry about software updates or maintenance again, thanks to our secure, hosted cloud solution.
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Partner Support
With training docs, sales and marketing toolkits, and priority support from the Ecwid team, you’ll be set up for success.

Help clients sell everywhere

Ecwid has partnerned with worldwide leading online marketplaces, search engines, and social media platforms to expand the sales and marketing capabilities of online stores.

Start reselling Ecwid E-commerce!

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