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You get the first and only private-label e-commerce platform designed for resellers of all sizes. Give your clients the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to sell online. All 100% under your brand.

More Cash For You and Your Clients
Ecwid offers the most flexible way for web developers to add e-commerce to any web presence for their small business clients. Fully hosted, secure, maintained and with continuous feature upgrades, so you can focus on building beautiful websites and stores, and not on managing software.
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Private Label

Your clients. Your brand. Always. Own the customer relationship from start to finish — we’ll be in the background making sure the e-commerce platform is exactly what you and your clients need to sell successfully.

Your Billing

You set the right price for your services. Whether you sign up 1,000 users a day, or manage only a few clients, you specify the subscription price that makes sense for you and your customers.

Designers, Developers, and Web Studios

For anyone looking to add e-commerce to their services portfolio, become a Jumpstart Partner and you can white-label the leading platform for SMBs and offer it to all of your clients under your own brand.

Ecwid: Powerful E-commerce at your Fingertips

Cut Development Time
Create new stores and manage existing ones from one powerful, intuitive dashboard, simplifying backend management and driving growth for you and your clients.
Gain More Control
Add e-commerce to all your projects, at your price point, with easy-to-use tools and administrative features, allowing you to manage all clients from one central dashboard and can hold their hand as much, or little, as needed.
Global and Omnichannel
Your new e-commerce platform delivers leading features, including 45 front-end and 16 back-end languages, 40+ payment gateways, global shipping options, integrations to Facebook, eBay, POS systems such as Square, Clover and Vend, and much more.
Maintenance Free
We handle all system upgrades, new feature releases and security. The platform is updated regularly without interruption, giving you more time with your customers.
E-commerce Plans at Competitive Prices
50 Products
$7.5 / month
$75 / year
1000 Products
$18 / month
$180 / year
Unlimited Products
$39 / month
$390 / year

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the product completely white labeled?
Yes. There will be no references to Ecwid anywhere in the user interface. Your name, your logo, and your business — from end to end.
Will my customers have to visit
No, your customers will access the Control Panel on a brand-neutral domain. It is also possible to put the Control Panel on your own domain for an additional cost. Let us know your exact needs and how we can help.
How do I manage my clients’ stores?
We provide a convenient web-based dashboard for managing all your clients from one place. You can create, suspend, or edit stores at your own leisure and easily see the status of everything at once. If you need more advanced tools or there is something you feel is important to add, let us know and we’ll do our best to give you everything you need.
I’m sold — How do I set this up?
To get started, click “Become a Jumpstart Partner” below, and we’ll get you up and running in no time.
What are the costs associated with the program?
There is a $350 annual membership contribution to participate. You pay for each plan you set up a fixed wholesale rate, then charge your own price and bill clients directly.
How do I handle support?
They are your clients, and you support them while we support you. In fact, they may not even know Ecwid exists. We will provide Level 2 support for you in case any issues arise, in addition to the vast information available to you in our Help Center.
How much do the plans cost?
We have a standard set of plans and prices for our partners summarized above, which you can see in more detail here.
Do you have a recommended price to charge clients?
You should charge clients whatever you believe is relevant and reasonable for the services and overall solution you provide. You can sell e-commerce separately or just bundle it with other functionality. This is your business and you can set the price that works for you!
David Koder
Understanding and “D koding” our clients' internet marketing needs is what we do; with Ecwid it's just simple. For a commerce platform, we wanted something easy for our team and our clients to operate, but powerful and agile enough to grow. Ecwid has helped us in building what matters most to serve businesses in our community, from schools and retail shops to local dentists and electricians. The Jumpstart program and tools are incredible, the partner and support teams have been amazing, and it's really allowed us to build our business while doing something with technology that we value in all parts of life — Helping others.
David Koder, founder at D Koder Marketing
Carolina Fuguet
Ecwid always has been part of my toolbox …even before I started my own business. The easy-to-maneuver shopping cart has myriad features that far surpass the competition, and it would be impossible to achieve such customer retention and financial success without the help of Ecwid. With the flexibility that the Jumpstart program provides, I now have my own e-commerce platform which makes my company’s tools even more robust for my clients, ultimately giving my business the edge it needs and improving the bottom line for my customers and me alike.
Carolina Fuguet, founder of

Ecwid’s Jumpstart Partner Program

Grow your business. Ecwid offers the first and only private-label e-commerce platform for resellers. Now you can add e-commerce to your list of services and provide your customers with the easiest way to sell online.

Ecwid’s unique partner program offers the most flexible way to add e-commerce to any web presence for small business clients. Focus on your business by providing a fully hosted and secure solution, maintained by Ecwid.

Simplicity. It is easy to integrate our solution into your existing business.

Attract new customers by adding online store to your list of services.

Continuous growth. Achieve revenue growth with every new client you sign up.

Offer e-commerce to your current clients to kickstart sales.

Sell additional e-commerce features, like the option to sell across multiple marketplaces, enhanced SEO, and more to get additional income.

E-commerce Plans at Competitive Prices

$0 paid annually
10 products
$75 paid annually
50 products
$350 paid annually
1000 products
$390 paid annually

* For demonstration purposes only. No real sales.

Recommended price

Essentials (50 products)
$12 ($120/annually)

Professional (1000 products)
$27 ($270/annually)

Unlimited (Unlimited products)
$79 ($790/annually)

Unlimited Plus (Unlimited plus ShopApp)

Join our Jumpstart Partner Program today for just $350/year

Five reasons to join the Ecwid Jumpstart Partner Program

Jumpstart program includes white-label versions of the Ecwid store, client's control panel and login page. Your clients can manage their stores under your brand.

Launch the program in a two business days.

Manage all stores from partner’s interface.

Easy maintenance
Focus on sales, not on software management. We’ll do all the technical stuff for you.

Priority support
Get 5 star support via phone and email

Companies and agencies all around the world haven already chosen our Jumpstart Reseller program. Don’t miss out.

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