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Your WordPress Store is Now 6 Times Faster

Ecwid Ecommerce for WordPress loads up to 6 times faster. Hang on tight, new orders may come before you say “Wow”.

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Faster Loading = More Sales

Consumers are impatient. They leave websites if they don’t load quickly. Each second can cost you up to 2% of lost conversion rate (Cloudflare). Get a faster WordPress ecommerce to maximize your profit.

  • Get more organic traffic to your store: page speed is a confirmed ranking factor for search results
  • Improve the performance of your ads (ROMI): better page speed will result in a better conversion rate
  • Reduce abandoned carts: your customers won’t get distracted while waiting for the page to load
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Why Speed Matters

Our servers do the computing heavy lifting to make your store soar.
Your store loads up to 6 times faster
Your store ranks higher in search results
Your get more traffic from search engines
Your conversion rate improves
You make more money

Shift Up and Dominate Your Competitors

Install Ecwid Ecommerce plugin for WordPress to feel how fast your online store can be. It’s free. No credit card required.

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You Won’t See the Magic but It Will Happen

It’s our job to make your store fast, secure, and keep the technology up-to-date. Your Ecwid online store gets all the new ecommerce features and improvements automatically. We take care of that for you so you can focus on selling your products.

How Does it Work?

  1. The page splits into 2 parts — the static and dynamic ones.
  2. The static part will get cached by the browser and your customers will see your store interface instantly.
  3. The dynamic part (all scripts) will continue loading in the background by the customer’s browser.
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Looking for
a WooCommerce alternative?

Choose the right ecommerce platform to build and grow your online business.

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Ecwid + WordPress Help Your Ecommerce Business Grow

Get your Ecwid Ecommerce plugin for free and feel the difference.

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