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Selling through multiple sales channels — the new norm

Consumers research, browse, and buy using multiple sales channels, online, through social media, on their mobile devices and in-person. Clearly, selling everywhere is vital to thriving in the future. That’s why if you’re not serving your customers across different sales channels and devices, now is the time to do so. With Ecwid, you can sell everywhere with ease, on web, mobile, social, marketplaces, in-store and on-the-go.

Seamless sales channel management

Sell online, through social networks, on mobile or in-person. Ecwid will automatically sync your important data, like orders and inventory, so you can keep track of your business no matter where you are — eliminating manual tracking and errors. Connecting your sales channels (new and old) is easy and only takes a few clicks in your Ecwid Control Panel.

Of consumers want an integrated experience across online and in-person retail channels
The average customer retention rate for businesses with multiple sales channels
<b>Chris Evertsen</b>, Karbon Speed
Chris Evertsen, Karbon Speed
“Getting started was easy, it started with a single click and Ecwid practically did the rest.”

Your very own, custom-branded native mobile app

Make it easy for your customers to buy from you while they are on the move. With your own custom-branded native mobile app your customers purchase from you right from their mobile device and use easy checkout features like Apple Pay. Your personal ShopApp and your Ecwid store stay fully synced in the cloud. Images, prices, availability and any changes that you make online will automatically sync with your mobile app.

Your very own, custom-branded native mobile app

Sell through social and connect with customers around the globe

Use your social networks to give potential customers another way to discover your store and buy more. By adding your online store to Facebook alone you have the ability to reach a billion new potential customers. The average Ecwid merchant with synchronized stores receives 15% of their sales from Facebook and every sale or change in inventory will sync to your central Control Panel.

Point of sale — in store and everywhere

Connect your online store to the point of sale platform of your choice — Square, NCR, Vend, Clover or others. Ecwid’s deep integration with these solutions ensures that all in-store and online orders and inventory are automatically synced in the­ cloud, saving you time and enhancing your customer’s experience.

Sell through multiple marketplaces

Advertise and sell on multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Shopzilla and more, to get your products in front of millions of active shoppers and boost sales.