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Get MODX ecommerce and get selling FAST

Install Ecwid’s shopping cart extension and get selling today on your Modx site. Our quick and easy integration was awarded the fastest ecommerce implementation platform by G2. So when we say fast, we mean it. Get your store up and running in minutes with no outside web development or changes to your current website design.

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Our control panel makes management easy

Your Ecwid dashboard is here to help simplify selling online. Manage your website, sales, and advertising strategy from your desktop, tablet or phone. Want to start advertising on Google? Add shoppable links to your Facebook or Instagram? Grow your email list? Sell through a marketplace like Walmart or Amazon? Do it all from your Ecwid control panel.
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Add a MODX E-commerce Shopping Cart to Your Site

Sell anywhere. Sell everywhere.

Get your products onto your website, mobile platforms, social sites, and marketplaces like Google, Amazon, and Walmart. Ecwid integrates easily with social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We optimize our interface to customer's screens, so your Ecwid store looks right on any device.
Add a MODX E-commerce Shopping Cart to Your Site

Setup that saves you time

Ecwid integrates with your current website at record speeds. No need for a redesign, and no programming required. Add your store to as many sites as you’d like, and manage it all from your dashboard control panel. Any changes you make are mirrored instantly across all your selling channels.
Add a MODX E-commerce Shopping Cart to Your Site

Start your MODX online store in a few easy steps

Launch Ecwid
Connect to MODX from your Ecwid control panel.
Connect Your Store
Watch as Ecwid instantly synchronizes your orders and inventory.
Start Selling
Sell in person, on Facebook, through your website, a marketplace, or wherever your customers like to shop.

MODX ecommerce, with a little help from Ecwid

You’ve taken advantage of MODX’s powerful and flexible open source potential. But now you want to get your great products to your customers with minimal hassle along the way. The best way to launch an ecommerce store on your MODX site? Adding Ecwid’s flexible shopping cart extension. Ecwid’s MODX store module seamlessly integrates into your current website’s design, and provides a lightning-fast, customizable solution that requires no set up charges. ANd better yet, no transaction fees. Let Ecwid help you expand your business the way you want with the MODX ecommerce experience.

Ecwid’s MODX shopping cart delivers on freedom and flexibility. The same sense of possibility that you’ve come to expect from the web’s top open source CMS. Stocked with an enormous array of features and customizable options, Ecwid makes it easy for you to customize any and all aspects of your MODX ecommerce experience. Your MODX store can be up and running quickly and smoothly on your website, and operates with our lightning fast AJAX interface, along with an optimized and dedicated Amazon EC2 server. Other unique advantages of having a MODX online store with Ecwid include: comprehensive catalog and data management, flexible shipping options, a variety of tax and payment solutions, a fully customizable design layout, and advanced customer care capabilities.

Ecwid uniquely offers you the ability to seamlessly synchronize your MODX shopping cart with your social media pages, and work seamlessly with any other websites or online platforms already in your arsenal. And all of your MODX ecommerce plug-in features and storefronts can be easily managed with our single Ecwid control panel. Your MODX shopping cart is also frequently and automatically updated. But the best part? With our seamless patches and hassle-free updates, you won’t even notice. That’s right. No broken code that needs fixing. No calls to customer service about the backend. We take care of everything for you.

Ecwid offers a Forever Free plan, featuring features that many of our competitors charge for. But for those aspiring entrepreneurs who need a little extra support, we also offer a variety of paid plans with premium features to provide advanced support where it's needed. Should you have any questions about installing your MODX online store snippet, or any issues arise over time, we offer full community support as well as the dedicated support that comes with our paid plans. We also welcome feedback to help improve the Ecwid MODX ecommerce experience and help us learn and grow with you. By creating a free MODX shopping cart with Ecwid, you’ve taken the first step towards a comprehensive and easy-to-use ecommerce solution. Or, the solution to end all solutions, as we like to call it. Ecwid’s revolutionary MODX ecommerce cart extension can be set up in a matter of minutes, easily managed, and smoothly integrated into your existing website. Aka it checks all the boxes for an ecommerce solution, and then some.

MODX ecommerce is just a few clicks away

Set up your Ecwid store and easily sync and sell across your MODX website, social media channels, marketplaces like Amazon, and live in-person. Get started one at a time, or try them all.

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