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Now You Can Add Multiple Testimonials to Your Ecwid Instant Site

Add Multiple Testimonials to Your Ecwid Instant Site

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Instant Site is a beautiful, easy-to-use website that сomes free with every Ecwid account. And it just got even better with the ability to add multiple customer testimonials to your Instant Site.

Testimonials offer social proof that your website — and your products — can be trusted by shoppers. The more you have, the more trustworthy you’ll appear. Skamba gerai, teisingai? Read on to find out how to add testimonials to your Instant Site and learn why testimonials matter for your bottom line.

Ar tu žinai?

Ecwid can be added to any website. Not only can you sell your products on Ecwid’s Instant Site, but you can also sell across your own website (or multiple websites), įjungta socialinė žiniasklaida, and even on marketplaces like Amazon ir eBay.

Šiame įraše, we’ll cover:

  • How to Add Testimonials to Ecwid Instant Site
  • Why Adding Testimonials to Your Site Is Important
  • Other Locations to Display Social Proof
  • How to Get More Customer Reviews

How to Add Testimonials to Ecwid Instant Site

For the Customer Testimonials section, choose short reviews (think the length of a tweet), that clearly articulate the main strengths of your product or service.

So what makes a good testimonial? Pagal a survey of internet users in 2018, 60% of respondents said that information regarding product performance was the most helpful when reading reviews, kol 55% of respondents found purchaser satisfaction to be the most helpful. And don’t forget to ask your customers for a picture to make your testimonial more authentic.

Once you’ve got your testimonial, it’s time to publish it on your site. With Ecwid’s latest update, tu gali easily add up to four testimonials to your Momentinė svetainė. Testimonials are automatically arranged on your storefront under the Featured Products section based on how many you add.

Adding testimonials was available on the old version of Instant Site. Išmokti daugiau apie new-gen Instant Site.

Two testimonials:

This image shows two customer testimonial examples

Three testimonials:

This screenshot shows examples of customer testimonials placement by three in a row

Four testimonials:

This screenshot from Ecwid Instant Site shows an example layout of customer testimonials

To add testimonials to your Instant Site:

  1. Eikite į savo Control Panel → Website.
  2. Click on “Edit Instant Site design and content.”
  3. Choose “Customer Testimonials.”
  4. Move the “Show section” slider to make testimonials visible on the site.
  5. Click “Add More” and fill in the customer’s name, quote, and caption. Click on “Change Photo” to upload a customer’s picture.
  6. Click “Save.”

When editing the Customer Testimonials section, don’t forget to delete the demo content so that it’s not displayed alongside your real reviews on your storefront.

This image shows Ecwid website builder editor where you can edit customer testimonials.

Testimonial editor, „Ecwid“ momentinė svetainė

Why Testimonials Matter

Since customers can’t physically interact with or sample your products like they would in a brick-and-mortar store, reassuring them with social proof is vital when you’re selling online.

  • 92% pirkėjų hesitate to make a purchase that doesn’t have customer reviews. They may hold off on making a purchase decision until they can do more research… but once they leave your site, there’s no guarantee they’ll come back.
  • 53% of internet users stated that product reviews are the second most important attribute of an online shopping experience.

Customer testimonials add more social proof to your business, which makes your store look more reliable. Tai, savo ruožtu, increases sales, particularly for higher-priced and “risky” products.

Impact of user-generated content like customer reviews and ratings according to online shoppers (valstybininkas)

Impact of user-generated content like customer reviews and ratings according to online shoppers (valstybininkas)

Other Locations to Display Social Proof

Depending on the ways you sell, you can display customer reviews on your website, product pages, or right in the Google search results.

Jūsų pačių svetainė

If you don’t use Instant Site and you sell with Ecwid on other websites, you can use different apps or plugins to place testimonials in your store. Štai kaip:

You can also install the Trustami app from the Ecwid App Market to collect ratings and reviews from all platforms into a single location to simplify management and presentation.

Product pages

Let customers add reviews for specific items on your product pages. These reviews will be displayed on their appropriate product pages regardless of what website you’re using. And reviews within a product page can even lead to an increase in conversion rate for that specific product. Use tools like the HelpfulCrowd app to collect and manage your customer reviews.

Customer reviews on a CakeSafe product page

Customer reviews on a CakeSafe product page

Google My Business

If your store has a physical location, you’ll definitely need a page on Google My Business. A Business Profile lets you manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps, and can even be used to keep customers up-to-date on changes or share offers. More importantly, you’ll be able to collect customer reviews on your Business Profile, which gives you one more opportunity to create trust with your audience.

You can see ratings and reviews on a store’s Business Profile

You can see ratings and reviews on a store’s Business Profile

How to Get More Customer Reviews

Ask and you shall receive. Happy customers are often excited to leave reviews, so don’t hesitate to ask! The easiest way to get a review is to send an email to your customers letting them know what you’d like them to do.

To maximize your chances of a favorable review, check out these tips:

  • Keep your email short and polite. Pirmas, thank the customer for their purchase, then ask for their feedback. Personalize the email, if possible, with little touches like the customer’s name or the specific items they ordered.
  • Use short, clear subject lines like “How did we do?” or “We’d love to hear your feedback!“
  • Specify if you want customers to leave a review of the product they purchased or your company as a whole (or both). And don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on a specific product feature. Pavyzdžiui, if you sell bikes, you could ask a customer how comfortable she feels after a long city ride. Narrow your question to make it easier for your customers to formulate a smart answer.
  • Timing for a review request is also important. recommends asking for a review either immediately or soon after a customer has completed their purchase. Panašiai, suggests bet kur iš 7 į 30 days after a purchase has been completed. As for time of day, ReviewTrackers recommends sending your email between 2-3 PM and 6-7 PM.
  • To sweeten the deal, you can also offer your customers a discount on their next order in exchange for a review.

You can use your website and social media pages to let customers know where they can send feedback as well. And don’t forget to peruse customer review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp to find additional feedback on your business.

Once you’ve got some solid reviews from your customers, choose the most informative to add to your Customer Testimonials section on your Instant Site.

Daugiau: How Product Reviews Lure Customers to This One-of-a-Kind Business

Use Testimonials to Get More Orders

It only takes a couple minutes to add testimonials to your Instant Site, but it can have a tremendous impact on your sales. Whether you’re in the middle of the holiday buying season, launching a new online store, or just trying to break new ground in your market, testimonials create trust, encouraging skeptical window shoppers to become happy customers.

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