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Secure your sales with Lightspeed Payments

Combine security and efficiency in one, intuitive platform. Enhance the shopping experience by using Lightspeed Payments for your ecommerce store.

Available in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Belgium.

Ensure your online success

Our fully-integrated payment processor allows you to consolidate your payments, software, and customer support all in one place.

Sell anywhere

Sell on social media platforms such as TikTok, on marketplaces like Amazon, and any website

Drive sales

Avoid abandoned carts by offering all popular payment methods and subscriptions

Leverage reporting

Get an in-depth view of sales data with comprehensive payment reports

How Lightspeed Payments has helped our customers

Keep customers coming back

Don’t worry about shoppers abandoning their carts.

Deliver a fast and secure checkout experience, every time

Accept credit, debit, and digital wallets including Apple and Google Pay

Reach customers on your website, social platforms, and marketplaces

Manage your funds more effectively

Get real-time insights that can help shape your business. We automatically and securely process all transactions, allowing you to see your deposits and manage your payments directly.

Save on costs with transparent pricing

Enjoy simple and predictable processing fees, so you can accept payments with confidence.

Flat-rate pricing (2.9% and .30$ per transaction)

No hidden fees or markups

Negotiate a competitive rate

Offer a trustworthy solution

Lightspeed Payments comes with premium security features built-in, so you'll have peace of mind from day one.

Protect their data with PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service compliance

Secure your data with end-to-end encryption for all transactions and global fraud protection

Get 24/7 server security monitoring by our experts, at no additional cost

Many more payment options to meet the needs of your customers

We provide a variety of payment gateways to accommodate all your customers, including options like PayPal, Stripe, Square, and others.

Have any questions? Our team is here

If you have any questions on implementing Lightspeed Payments, or choosing the right payment method, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are available 24/7.


Is Lightspeed Payments available for everyone?
Currently, Lightspeed Payments is only available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. To be approved for Lightspeed Payments certain terms and conditions apply. Certain regulated or illegal products or services, any  unfair, predatory, or deceptive practices are restricted from using Lightspeed Payments.
I want to offer additional payment methods than what Lightspeed currently lists. How does that work?
Lightspeed Payments can be used in tandem with other payment methods. We recommend that you only use Lightspeed Payments for your credit and debit card transactions, and then add any additional payment method through your control panel.
How long does it take to get started with Lightspeed Payments?
Once you sign up to use Lightspeed Payments, activation only takes a few minutes. The complete approval process may take several business days, but you’ll be able to take payments during the review process by our team.
Please note that in some cases, Lightspeed may require additional documents for enablement. The faster you respond with the required information, the faster our team can approve your application.
I currently have a contract with another payment provider. How can I the switch to Lightspeed?
Depending on which provider your contract is with and what your terms are, potential cancellation fees will differ. On the Lightspeed Payments side, the switch-over couldn't be easier. Our friendly support agents are there for you at every step in the process to make sure you’re up and running without a hitch in no time.
Are there any hidden fees?
No. At Lightspeed, we don't believe in surprise statement fees. The only thing you should expect is a $15 chargeback fee, should one even occur at all. We offer competitive rates and our experts are happy to tailor our payment solution to fit your business's specific needs. No hidden fees. Just peace of mind.
What happens when I get a Chargeback?
Chargebacks are a reality no retailer can escape. Luckily, Lightspeed Payments makes chargebacks easy to deal with. If you lose a charge dispute, you will be charged a single $15 fee. We know that this process can be anxiety-iducing, so we're there to assist you from start to finish and keep you updated on the status of the dispute as it progresses.
What is the average payout time for funds?
You can expect to see money deposited into your account within 1 business day after a transaction is made. Payouts are done on every business day (Monday through Friday). A number of circumstances may affect this timeline, including delays caused by banking systems or risk monitoring. For further details on when to expect your funds, please refer to our documentation on payouts. Please note that for your first payout, deposits may take up to four business days.
How do refunds work?
One of the benefits of using Lightspeed Payments is that you will be able to make a refund directly from within the order page. Our integrated system will save you time and energy on potential refunds when they happen. When you arrange a refund, the processing fee will not be returned to your account.
My question wasn't answered
You can find more information about Lightspeed Payments in our Help Center, or ask our support team.
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