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Reasons Why Shoppers Plan to Shop on Black Friday 2022

58% of shoppers plan to shop on Black Friday in 2022. Of these, 73% believe that Black Friday has the best deals and prices for buying goods. But 22% of people will not participate in the sale on Black Friday, because the goods during this period run out very quickly.

Sources: October 2022

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What are the reasons why people do not want to buy goods on Black Friday in 2022?

The top three reasons why shoppers don’t want to participate in a Black Friday sale are: stores are running out fast, Black Friday deals are no longer profitable, and savings on holiday gifts. Source:

What are the reasons people want to buy goods on Black Friday in 2022?

The top three reasons shoppers want to be in Black Friday sales are: the best deals and prices on gifts, a fun holiday shopping experience, and helping you shop ahead and prepare for the holidays without the rush. Source:

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