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Preferred Ways to Buy Gifts in 2022

In 2022, shoppers are going to buy holiday gifts online. This includes online marketplaces (55%), Local independent stores (26%), and retailer websites (27%). However, 51% of shoppers are going to visit major retail stores for Black Friday and other holiday sales in person to buy gifts.

Sources: future-advertising.com October 2022

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How many people plan to buy gifts online during the holiday sales in 2022?

55% of shoppers are going to shop on online marketplaces during the holiday sales period and 46% from large retailers in 2022. And 26% of future buyers will prefer online stores of local brands. Source: future-advertising.com

Where do shoppers prefer to shop during the holiday sales in 2022?

55% of buyers plan to buy holiday gifts online, and 46% are ready to go to shopping centers and stores to pick them up in person. Source: future-advertising.com

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