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Online Shopping Delivery Speed

10% of US online customers surveyed want to receive their purchase the same or next day in 2022. This figure is 8% lower compared to 2021 data. At the same time, 52% of buyers are ready to wait 2-3 days for delivery in 2022, which is 4% more compared to 2021.

Sources: February 2023

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How long are customers willing to wait for the delivery of their order from the online store?

36% of 1,191 US sellers surveyed said that shipping costs might be their biggest concern. Source:

Should merchants offer shipping options to customers? in 2023?

Out of 1,000 US merchants surveyed, 74% of merchants don’t offer any carrier choice at checkout. But different customers may have varying preferences on the service levels or carriers you have to offer. For example, some customers may want to receive their packages on a Sunday or want their international packages delivered a certain way. Giving them more of a say in the matter ensures they have a positive post-purchase experience and are more inclined to shop with you again. Source:

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