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Global Toy & Games Market Revenue in 2022, by Country

In 2022, the largest revenue in the Toy & Games segment will be earned in China: $78.69 billion. In second place in terms of revenue in this segment, India and the United States. The total revenue of these countries is $89.5 billion.

Sources: July 2022

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Which country will receive the biggest revenue in the Toy & Games segment in 2022?

China is the country that will generate $78.69 billion in Toy & Games revenue in 2022. Source:

Which five countries will get the biggest revenue in the Toy & Games segment?

The top five countries with the largest revenue in the Toy & Games segment are China ($78.69 billion), India ($52.44 billion), the United States ($37.06 billion), Indonesia ($14.03 billion), and Japan ($13.40 billion). Source:

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