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Online Sales of Clothing Accessories 2017—2025

In 2022, women’s Clothing Accessories is the most sold online: 35.2%. In second place in online sales of men’s Clothing Accessories — 35%. But online sales of Clothing Accessories for all audiences are actively developing, and by 2025 online sales will approach 43%.

Sources: statista.com August 2022

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What Clothing Accessories sells best online in 2022?

In 2022, 35.2% of women’s clothing accessories will be sold online. Men’s trousers will be sold online for 0.2% less than women’s. But accessories for children’s clothing will be sold online by 3% less than men’s. Source: statista.com

Which Clothing Accessories is the least sold online in 2022?

Clothing Accessories for children is sold online less than men’s (3% less) and women’s (3.2% less). Source: statista.com

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