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Visual search

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What is visual search?

Visual search is a way to find things online using pictures instead of words. Instead of typing in a search query, you submit an image, and the system uses technology to find similar or related images and information.

How does visual search work?

Visual search works by using computer vision and image recognition technology to analyze the content of images. When a user submits an image as a search query, the system breaks down the image into visual features like colors, shapes, and patterns. It then compares these features with a database of indexed images to find visually similar or related matches. The system then presents the user with search results based on the visual similarities, allowing them to discover relevant information, products, or content based on what they see.

Where is visual search applicable?

  • Eсommerce. Visual search is extensively used in online shopping platforms. Users can take a picture or upload an image of a product they want to buy, and the system will find visually similar products available for purchase.
  • Fashion and Style. Users can use visual search to discover clothing, accessories, or outfits that match their preferred style or the ones they’ve seen in images.
  • Art and Design. Visual search is beneficial for art enthusiasts, designers, and creatives to find similar artworks, designs, or creative inspiration based on visual cues.
  • Content Discovery. Visual search helps users find visually related content, such as images, videos, or articles, by using an image as a starting point.
  • Travel and Tourism. In travel apps, visual search can assist users in identifying landmarks, objects, or places captured through their camera to provide relevant information.
  • Home Decor. Users can use visual search to find furniture, decor items, or interior design ideas that match a specific style or theme.
  • Visual Assistance: Some mobile apps use visual search to provide information about objects, plants, or animals by analyzing images taken with the device’s camera.
  • Barcode and QR Code Scanning. Visual search technology is used to read barcodes and QR codes, enabling users to obtain product information or access specific content.

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