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What is trademark?

trademark is a legal, proprietary right you have over a word, phrase, design, or symbol that prevents others from using it in a way that could cause confusion amongst the general public and your potential customer base.

Most businesses choose to register their trademarks. Having a registered trademark creates a presumption that you have preemptive rights over the logo (a word, phrase, design, or symbol), and makes the process of enforcing those rights much easier.

Why you need to get a trademark for your brand:

  • to protect your proprietary information and prevent copycats
  • to increase the value of your business if you ever sell the business
  • to make your business more memorable and recognizable.

How do you get a trademark?

The simplest way to register a trademark in the US is via USPTO (the US Patent and Trademark Office). 

You need to file an application with the USPTO and pay an application fee. If you want to trademark your business name and your logo, you will need to file a separate application for each.

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