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What is retail?

Retail refers to the sale of products to the public in small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale.

People often think of large companies like Wal-Mart and Target when the term retail is mentioned, but retailers can also be corner grocery stores or small family-operated businesses.

A retailer is a business or company that sells to the consumer directly. Retailers buy products from manufacturerы, distributorы, or wholesalerы and sell them to consumers at a marked up price. Retailers need to be registered and may be official retailers for a certain line of products.

Retail is characterized by:

  • Direct contact and relationships with customers
  • A small stock of goods — retailers only stock products that have high demand
  • Stocking products of different brands according to the demand in the market
  • Acting as the representatives of the company to the end consumers who give their feedback to them.
  • A limited shelf space
  • Selling products at maximum prices.

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