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What is reseller?

Instead of producing their own products, resellers find and source items from other suppliers to sell from their stores or on marketplaces. 

Pros of being a reseller

  • You can quickly set up your online store. 
  • You have to source products at acceptable prices from suppliers but you don’t need to make or manufacture your own products. Great if you don’t have time for that or are not sure which items you want to make.
  • As you don’t spend time manufacturing products, more time and resources can be spent on store management, marketing and promotion, and so on.

Cons of being a reseller

  • It’s more difficult to control product quality. You can return items to suppliers if they are unfit for sale, but that can limit available stock. 
  • Reselling items means that other online stores are likely to have the same products available. 
  • You need to regularly seek out and negotiate deals with suppliers to get the best possible price.

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