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Ecwid Ecommerce Glossary

Product Bundles

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What is product bundles?

Product bundling (or simply Product Bundles) is a marketing technique when several products are packed or distributed as a single product for a lower price for each individual product from the bundle. This strategy is used to make shoppers buy more products at a time and assure the growth of production and distribution volume (in terms of quantity).

4 examples of product bundles

“Gear-up” bundle. It’s when you get a set of things for a specific event or activity.

Example: mountain bike + helmet + gloves

New products bundle. New arrivals can be mixed and sold together. Preferably, they have to match each other.

Example: new shoes + new pants + new shirt

Cross-sell bundle. Сoncomitant products from different categories that somehow can be consumed together.

Example: fitness club membership + massage course + sports insurance

Buy-one-get-one (BOGO) bundle. You don’t have to charge customers for all products in the bundle. Sell only one of them and give away another. This will add more value to the deal regardless of the overall price. Stick to useful things that people use every day.

Example: electric toothbrush + free toothpaste

Benefits of selling product bundles

  • Increase average order value (AOV). Chasing for a good deal (buy more for less money) consumers can spend more than they were going to (or usually do).
  • Save marketing spendings. Good products promote themselves, especially if they go with a discount.
  • Reduce dead stock. If something doesn’t sell, mix it with the products in high demand and run a BOGO promotion to clear the inventory for better stuff.
  • Increase inventory flow. The more units you sell, the more revenue you generate. Bandles is an excellent way to sell more items and keep the products flow high (along with GMV!).

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