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Human Resources (HR)

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What is human resources (HR)?

HR (human resources) is a business department charged with finding, screening, recruiting, and training job candidates, as well as administering employee benefits. HR plays an essential role in assisting businesses in the 21st century with a changing corporate environment and increased demand for high-quality workers.

An HR department is required for any business, no matter how big or small it is. An HR department is in charge of increasing employee productivity and protecting the organization from potential problems among staff.

HR activities include remuneration and benefits, recruiting, termination, and keeping current on any legislation that may impact the business or its staff.

What human resources do

  • Managing and using people effectively
  • Tying performance appraisal and compensation to competencies
  • Developing competencies that enhance individual and organizational performance
  • Increasing the innovation, creativity, and flexibility necessary to enhance competitiveness
  • Applying new approaches to work process design, succession planning, career development, and inter-organizational mobility
  • Managing the implementation and integration of technology through improved staffing, training, and communication with employees

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