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What is handmade?

“Handmade” are items that are made by hand and usually without the use of automated equipment. They are unique and carry more personality than mass-produced goods. It is often said that the master puts his soul into such goods. Handmade items can be clothing, accessories, jewelry, artwork, home decor, furniture, and more.

In recent years, there has been a growing appreciation for handmade goods as consumers seek out products that are more unique and have a story behind them, as opposed to mass-produced items that can lack character and personal touch. This has led to the rise of various artisan markets, craft fairs, and online platforms where individuals can buy and sell handmade items.

Ideas for handmade goods

  • Handcrafted Jewelry. Create unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings using beads, wire, gemstones, and other materials.
  • Hand-Knit or Crocheted Items. Make scarves, hats, blankets, and other cozy accessories using yarn and needles or hooks.
  • Handmade Candles. Craft candles in various shapes, colors, and scents, using natural waxes and essential oils.
  • Customized Clothing. Design and sew custom clothing pieces, such as dresses, shirts, and skirts, tailored to your customers’ preferences.
  • Artwork and Paintings. Create original paintings, drawings, and other visual art to be displayed on walls or in frames.
  • Handmade Pottery. Craft functional and decorative pottery items like mugs, bowls, vases, and plates using clay and a pottery wheel.
  • Woodworking Creations. Build wooden items like cutting boards, picture frames, furniture, and decorative pieces using different types of wood.
  • Handmade Soap and Bath Products. Make handmade soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, and other skincare products using natural ingredients.
  • Customized Stationery. Design and create personalized greeting cards, notebooks, and planners for special occasions.
  • Hand-Embroidered Items. Embroider patterns and designs onto fabric to create unique clothing patches, tea towels, and decorative items.
  • Handmade Leather Goods. Craft wallets, belts, bags, and other accessories using high-quality leather.
  • Hand-Painted Pottery. Paint intricate designs on pre-made pottery items like plant pots, plates, and mugs.
  • Handmade Home Decor. Create items like decorative pillows, woven wall hangings, and macramé plant hangers to add a personal touch to living spaces.
  • Customized Pet Accessories. Design and make pet collars, bandanas, and toys that reflect different styles and personalities.
  • Handmade Toys. Craft stuffed animals, wooden toys, and soft toys that are safe and appealing for children.
  • Handmade Greeting Cards. Create unique, artistic greeting cards for various occasions like birthdays, weddings, and holidays.
  • Handmade Beauty Products. Make natural beauty products like lip balms, body scrubs, and facial masks using organic ingredients.
  • Handmade Perfumes and Fragrances. Mix and create custom scents and perfumes using essential oils and other fragrant ingredients.
  • Handmade Food and Beverage Items. Create artisanal jams, sauces, flavored oils, or spice blends that are packaged attractively.

Where to sell handmade goods online?

  • Marketplaces: Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Aftcra, ArtFire, Folksy.
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok.
  • Online store: Ecwid, WordPress, Big Cartel, Shopify and other platforms.

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