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What is Google?

Google is a multinational corporation based in the United States that specializes in search engine technology. Although the business is best known as a search engine, it has expanded into numerous areas including cloud computing, software, and hardware. The firm has also expanded into the mobile hardware sector by developing its first Google phone, dubbed Pixel.

The PageRank technique that sorts search results helps Google stand out from the crowd, allowing it to grow and become the most popular search engine. While being one of the finest search engines on the Internet, Google also incorporates a number of other services, such as Google Maps and Google Local, to provide more relevant search results.

Other Google products and services

  • Android — The most widely used operating system for smartphones.
  • Blogger — View and create a personal blog.
  • Chromebook — Laptop using the Google Chrome OS.
  • Chrome OS — Operating system developed by Google for laptop and portable computers.
  • Gmail — Free online email service with over 1 GB of storage and the best spam protection available.
  • Google Ads — Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is a service that enables users to pay to advertise on the Google search engine and other websites using Google AdSense.
  • Google AdSense — A service that pays website publishers or blog developers to show advertisements on their site.
  • Google AdWords — Service that enables users to pay to advertise on the Google search engine and other websites using Google AdSense.
  • Google Alerts — Create alert text messages sent to an email address each day or as it happens on web searches, news searches, etc.
  • Google Analytics — Google Analytics allows users to monitor and create reports of visitors to their website.
  • Google App Engine — A service that provides users the ability to create scalable web services that use Google’s resources.
  • Google Assistant — Digital assistant service by Google that uses artificial intelligence to respond to voice requests.
  • Google Blog — A blog maintained by Google that helps give an insight into the company.
  • Google Books — Another fantastic service from Google containing hundreds of thousands of books that can be searched.
  • Google Calendar — A way to organize your schedule, synchronize, and share events with your friends.
  • Google Chrome — The most popular desktop Internet browser.
  • Google Classroom — Google service that allows students and teachers to participate in a digital class.
  • Google Cloud — Service for businesses to store data and run applications in the cloud, and backup and disaster recovery.
  • Google CSE (Custom Search Engine) — Service that allows you to create a custom Google Search engine.
  • Google Daydream View — VR headset.
  • Google Developer — A place to find all Google developer documentation, resources, events, and products.
  • Google Docs — A fantastic free solution from Google that allows you to create documents, open Microsoft Word documents, and share your documents with other users that have Internet access.
  • Google Drive — A cloud storage service from Google introduced on April 24, 2012, that allows users to view, edit, and store their documents and files in the Google cloud.
  • Google Duo — A cross-platform video calling application for Android smartphones, and other Google and third-party operating systems.
  • Google Earth — A fantastic software program that allows a person to view almost everywhere on earth, get directions, find nearby shops and places of interest, and much more.
  • Google Express — A delivery service available in most states.
  • Google Fiber — A limited service available in some places in the United States that offers a fiber connection to the Internet.
  • Google Fonts — A collection of thousands of fonts for use on your web page.
  • Google Forms — A feature of Google Docs that allows users to create a form that collects information for personal or business use.
  • Google Fuchsia — An open-source operating system.
  • Google Glass — AR (augmented reality) glasses.
  • Google Groups — Google’s bulletin board with millions of users and postings.
  • Google Hangouts — A ommunication platform for messaging, SMS, video chat, and VoIP.
  • Google Home — Voice-activated virtual digital assistant that assists users with questions.
  • Google Homepage — Google’s main page and search engine.
  • Google Images — Google search that allows you to search for images instead of text.
  • Google Keep — Fantastic service that allows you to keep and store notes and tasks.
  • Google Lens — An image recognition technology that identifies objects and displays information about them using Google Search.
  • Google Mail — More well-known as Gmail, the most popular email host.
  • Google Maps — A great feature that enables users to search for directions from one location to another, search for local businesses, and more.
  • Google Meet — A video-meeting application that integrates with Google Chat and replaces the functionalities previously found in Hangouts.
  • Google Moon — In celebration of the first Moon landing, Google created this page with a map of our Moon and each of the moon landings.
  • Google My Maps — a feature in Google Maps that allows its users to create custom maps for personal use or share with others.
  • Google Nest — Google home automation and security products, including the Nest thermostat.
  • Google News — Great news site automatically generated using the results of news sites queried by Google.
  • Google Ngram Viewer — Great tool that allows you to search many books and other printed materials for the frequency of words or phrases.
  • Google Now — Service primarily used by mobile users that gives the most relevant information relating to you based on your searching and driving habits.
  • Google Patents — Allows users to search over 7 million patents.
  • Google Photos — Online cloud storage for photos and videos, allowing users to upload, organize, and share with other users.
  • Google Pixel — Google smartphone.
  • Google Play — A service that allows users to search and download apps, books, movies, and music for Android devices.
  • Google Play Music A service that allows users to stream, download, and upload music to a personal library, and create and listen to radio stations. It is usable across multiple devices. Additionally, Google Play Music unlimited song streaming for a monthly fee.
  • Google Scholar — Allows users to search for scholarly literature.
  • Google Sheets — A fantastic free solution from Google that allows you to create spreadsheets, open Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and share your spreadsheets with other users that have Internet access.
  • Google Shopping — Formerly known as Froogle, Google Shopping is a search service for finding products based on prices, location, type, etc.
  • Google Sites — A service that enables users to create and share websites.
  • Google Slides — A presentation program similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Google SMS — Enables users to send text messages over their mobile using SMS to get quick answers, such as driving directions, movie showtimes, local business listing, etc.
  • Google Street View — A great service that allows anyone to drive down the streets around the world.
  • Google Translate — Translate a foreign language web page or text into your language.
  • Google Trends — List of the 100 most active search queries and comparison of what people are searching for on Google.
  • Google Video — Search for online videos hosted by Google, and transcript text of videos and TV shows.
  • Google Voice — Use Google search over the phone using your voice.
  • Google Wallet — A payment service developed by Google that allows people to send and receive money from other people.
  • Google Search Console (former WebMaster tools) — Another great service provided by Google that enables webmasters to view, maintain, and control how Google indexes their web page.
  • Google Workspace — A suite of cloud software for businesses.
  • — The philanthropic arm of Google.
  • My Activity — Utility that tracks your history when you use Google’s services.
  • Quick, Draw! — Drawing games to help test artificial intelligence.
  • Stadia — A cloud-based gaming service developed by Google.
  • Waze — A GPS navigation application for mobile devices.
  • Wing — A drone delivery service that delivers lightweight items over short distances.
  • YouTube — Video service that allows users to freely upload videos and view others’ videos.

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