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What is ebook?

An ebook is a text presented on a computer or handheld device that allows it to be read electronically, such as bestsellers, classics, and reference texts. Ebooks can also be used to make out-of-print work available via the Internet. An ebook can consist of electronic text only or may contain extras such as audio, video, and hyperlinks.

An eBook is simply a book in digital form.

Benefits of ebooks

Ebooks save space. Some people have larger book collections to keep their readings. However, for bookworms who don’t have the space, eBooks save a lot of room by allowing readers to store thousands of books on one device. There will be no more looking for storage places for your new books.

Ebooks save money. Ebooks are far less expensive than paperback books because there are no manufacturing or shipping expenses. The typical cost of an ebook is around $5, whereas the average price of a paperback book is more than $10. It may not appear like much at first, but if you’re an avid reader, it adds up fast.

Ebooks are portable. You may have a library at your fingertips if you have a compatible ebook device. If you ask me, carrying around a thousand paperback books sounds considerably more difficult than transporting around an iPad, eReader, smartphone, or tablet.

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