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What is eBay?

eBay is an internet auction site that specializes in bidding and consumer-to-consumer sales. It’s also popular among ecommerce companies as a sales channel. eBay is available in many locations around the world. However, you can locate goods within your local area by entering the zip code instead of searching nationally or internationally.

Anyone can join eBay without paying a dime. You have the option of selling as well as purchasing items. There are costs associated with having a seller account, such as listing fees. The expenses differ based on how much you sell your items for and how long you place them up for sale.

The most crowded eBay markets are in the US, the UK, Germany, and Australia. These sites have the largest sell-through rate — which indicates how many listings generated at least one sale.

Categories with a high sell-through rate

  • Diabetic test strips
  • Fitness activity trackers
  • Apple laptops
  • Video game consoles.

Categories with the most sold items

  • Necklaces and pendants
  • Clothing — women’s dresses
  • PC and console video games
  • DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

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