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Ecwid Ecommerce Glossary

Direct Marketing

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What is direct marketing?

Direct Marketing stands for any marketing communication between brand and customer avoiding middlemen, for example, partners or mass media. Email, social media, phone, and SMS are examples of direct marketing channels.

Direct marketing examples

  • Promotional email campaigns
  • Letter campaigns
  • Online advertising
  • Magazine advertising
  • Social media posting and advertising
  • Direct in-person selling

Is direct marketing expensive?

Unfortunately, direct marketing means spendings. Any type of advertising (online or offline) or an attempt to communicate with customers will cost your business money.

Is direct marketing powerful?

Although everything depends on the plan, direct marketing can give you fast and significant results. It takes your message straight to the clients’ screens and generates an immediate reaction. Sure, it can be negative, but you will find it out very quickly and will be able to improve your marketing campaigns the same day.

Direct marketing best practices

Targeting rules. The more relevant your offer is, the higher the chances to get the customer. Segmenting your audience or potential customers by gender, geography, language, intention or interest will make your marketing more efficient decreasing the costs and increasing revenue.

Personalization matters. Addressing people by name or showcasing relevance to their needs, translating your offers as the fulfillment of these needs will turn visitors into loyal brand advocates.

Plan your next move. Direct marketing is a never-ending chase for customers. You have to think of your next step in advance. What if this email campaign fails? How many times do you want to interact with your customers per week? Do you have money for the next round of campaigns in case of success? How much is going to spend on ads next month?

Measure everything! If you set goals, you have to know if you reach them. Otherwise, what’s the point? The numbers will tell you how successful or unsuccessful your direct marketing campaigns were, and the way to fix them, make them better or scale them.

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