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Ecwid Ecommerce Glossary

Direct Mail

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What is direct mail?

Direct mail is the practice of mailing out promotional letters directly to potential customers based on their demographic data.

How direct mail works

The term “mail” is used to describe a variety of methods for delivering advertising appeals directly to consumers, such as through the postal service.

Direct marketing is used by a variety of sectors to promote their goods or services, ranging from consumer catalogs and coupon circulars to nonprofit solicitations and pre-approved credit card applications. Many local companies will use direct mail tactics to promote in the immediate geographic area.

Despite its unsavory reputation, direct mail should not be overlooked. Despite the negative image of direct marketing, it is still a significant source of income for postal services and is effective in reaching older generations, such as Baby Boomers or Gen Xes. The United States Postal Service delivered 143 billion pieces of mail in 2019.

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