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Ecwid Ecommerce Glossary

Conversion Rate

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What is conversion rate?

Conversion Rate is a digital marketing and ecommerce metric that measures the percentage of visitors turned into customers. Conversion Rate is always measured in percent.

How do you calculate the conversion rate

To calculate the conversion rate, you have to divide conversions (purchases, for instance) by the number of visitors and multiply by 100%. The conversion may be any action that you want the visitors to take.

Example: You have 1,000 visitors to your online store a month. These visitors make 50 purchases a month. You will calculate the conversion rate this way: 50/1,000*100%=5%.

Not bad!

How do you improve conversion rate

In a million ways. The general advice here would be: sell the products in high demand and improve shopping experience.

  • Make your store to load fast
  • Provide on-site search
  • Write compelling product descriptions
  • Use professional product images
  • Increase trust in your brand
  • Make checkout smooth and fast
  • Run sales and promotions
  • Make navigation predictive and clear
  • Don’t try too hard, it scares visitors away

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