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Conversion Funnel

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What is conversion funnel?

Conversion funnel is a term used by marketers to describe a user’s journey from visitor to customer.

The funnel usually starts with an advertisement or a line in the search engine. Either way, the funnel has to take potential customers through several stages: to capture their attention, generate interest, nurture desire and push to purchase.

The funnel model assumes traffic loss along the journey. The loss is inevitable and was mathematically proven, that’s why funnels can target certain audience segments for better performance. However, the most common principle for funnel strategy is to engage with the largest audience possible to have more conversions at the bottom.

The most popular type of conversion funnel

The world doesn’t know the exact number of conversion funnels that you can meet on the Internet and beyond. However, all of them adhere to the basic rules of the classic funnel construction with key stages: attract, engage, close. Some of the examples are 4Ps, 4Cs, 5Ps, and 7Ps funnels.

But one of the best classics is AIDA funnel. The name represents the stages of the funnel:

  • Awareness — when customers find out that the product or service exists.
  • Interest — when customers learn that the product or service can help them or be useful.
  • Desire — when customers make sure your product or service is better than the competition.
  • Action — when you push customers to buy and provide them with the ability to buy.

What is a good funnel conversion?

According to multiple resources, funnel conversion may vary from 1% to 5%. In the middle of that is 3%  this is the level we recommend as realistic. If you have even higher conversion through the funnel, good for you! You have your own standard you can share.

3 percent funnel conversion means that to get 900 purchases a month, you have to throw in 30,000 visitors to the top of the funnel monthly.

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