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Ecwid Ecommerce Glossary


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What is conversion?

A conversion happens when a visitor of your website or online store performs a required action. For example:

  • Purchases your product
  • Adds a product to the cart
  • Subscribes to your newsletter
  • Places a quote

Sometimes conversions may represent several actions or a sequence of actions. For example:

  1. Visitor read two blog posts within one session
  2. Visitor added three products to the cart
  3. Visitor entered the website, went on the category page, and saw a product page.

The Conversions depend on your goals — each conversion is the goal completion. If you run an ecommerce business, your primary goal is to sell, which means each purchase is your conversion.

Why conversions are important

Conversions help you measure your business performance. To measure your store effectiveness, conversions are compared with traffic. This creates a performance metric — conversion rate.

Conversions help you find gaps in your marketing and sales strategy and improve them.

Tracking conversions

To trace conversions you need a tool. The best free tool to measure conversions is Google Analytics. It’s free and simple to use. Plus, it helps to set up goals to track conversions.

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