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Cart Abandonment Rate

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What is cart abandonment rate?

Cart abandonment rate is a percentage of your online store visitors who add one or several products to their carts and then leave before completing the checkout.
Cart abandonment is not a rare case. In March 2020, 88.05 percent of online shopping orders were abandoned.

Why customers abandon carts

In 2018, the primary reason for digital shoppers in the United States to abandon their carts was the cost of shipping. 63% of the United States shoppers were negatively surprised by the high shipping cost at checkout. Who knows, probably they wouldn’t feel so frustrated if they saw the cost of shipping one step earlier or wouldn’t see it at all if it had been included in the price.

How to prevent shoppers from leaving the checkout?

First of all, keep the entire process transparent, don’t leave surprises for checkout — it is too sensitive a procedure for even a dime of extra cost.

Secondly, fight it! Some people just forget about their cart switching to another browser tab. This one-second distraction does not mean they don’t want to buy. Remind them about their cart waiting for the checkout. One simple email can win you a million.

Third option is to show up somewhere else. Use Facebook pixel or Google Remarketing to find your potential customers on the Internet.

Fourth way is the most difficult — optimize your checkout. Make it smooth while providing a variety of payment and shipping options. Don’t let your customers hesitate. The secret of a world-class checkout is “keep them going if you want them to finish.”

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