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What is branding?

Branding is the process of creating and cultivating your brand for marketing purposes. Branding is all about making your business seen and noted by your ideal customers through the market’s noise. It’s the way to stand out and level up your business.

Branding is less about designing the logo than creating an emotional (positive) “gut feeling” reaction in your customers to make them your life-long advocates.

The elements of branding

Mission statement and brand values. Define the main purpose of your business, how you change lives and make the world a better place to live.

Brand guidelines. Tell what makes you different from your competitors, how you approach important things like customer success, sales process, marketing ethics, design, and styling.

Logo. This is the face of your business. Think of what customers think about when they see your logo. It should reflect your values, mission, and vision while resonating with your customers emotionally. And it should be catchy.

Website. This is a digital world. Businesses can’t survive without a website. The Internet is the place where billions of people search for information, products, and services daily. Think of your website as an office where customers can come to sign a contract. Website is the point where all the aspects of your branding principles are realized: how you communicate with customers, how you make an offer, the environment where it happens, and cultivating emotional connection with customers.

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