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What is blog?

Blog is a website with informational or entertaining content published in separate pieces (articles or blog posts) containing text, images, and videos. Usually, blogs are run by individuals or small teams for educational or commercial purposes. In other words, a blog is an online periodical journal.

Blog is the #1 instrument to drive organic traffic to the website.

The purpose of blogs

Provide information. People face millions of questions daily and they search for the answers. According to Internet Live Stats, Google alone processes over 3.5 billion search queries every day, which translates to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. If you start answering questions related to your product niche, you can help millions of people to do the right thing.

Establishing authority. Having a blog with lots of valuable information and a stable amount of traffic proves you know what you talk about and people trust you. If they do, they will come back to you for more advice and will recommend your blog to their friends and colleagues.

Generating sales. If your blog provides high-quality information and helps people solve their problems, they are more likely to buy from you. According to Edelman’s survey 81% of consumers say trust impacts their purchasing decisions. So if you want more customers, you have to win their trust by honestly sharing with them exclusive knowledge for free in your blog.

The most popular blog topics

If one of the following topics relates to the products you sell, you should definitely start a branded blog.


  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Lifestyle

The most popular blog formats

“What to write about” is an important question. But there’s another one “How to write”. Look up what formats are the most popular among readers.


  • How-to-articles
  • News and Trends
  • Guides and ebooks
  • Opinions
  • Interviews

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