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Ecwid Ecommerce Glossary

Average Time on Site

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What is average time on site?

Average Time on Site is a metric for website traffic that measures the duration of time spent by visitors on average. It’s calculated by dividing the total of time spent on a website by the number of visitors.

What average time on site is good?

Usually, a 3-4 minute Average Time on Site is considered to be normal. With respect to different niches, or business models, this period may be shorter or longer.

At the same time, different periods may reflect the problems on your website. Shorter Average Time on Site may mean that visitors can’t find anything interesting and leave. However, longer Average Time on Site can be caused by the visitors’ confusion and inability to find what they want quickly.

Average Time on Site is a good metric but should be tracked along with the others, like conversion rate or bounce rate.

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