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Close More Sales With Email Marketing

Stay in touch with your customers and grow your business with email tools that set you up for success.

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Recover abandoned carts with automated emails

The internet is full of distractions. About 80% of customers will abandon their cart and leave your webshop without completing their purchases. Win those customers back with automated recovery emails.

  • Enable the emails in just one click — no need to track and send them manually.
  • Maximise sales by automatically scheduling emails just two hours after a cart is abandoned.
  • Add a discount to your abandoned cart emails to incentivize shoppers to complete their purchase.
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Promote your products with hands free marketing emails

Remind customers about their favorites, suggest related products, request reviews, reward loyal customers and recapture those that are slipping away—all without litfing a finger.

  • Send tailored messages to customers at optimal times to close more sales.
  • Add deals that customers can’t resist with discount coupons.
  • Customize your emails or just enable them all with a single click.
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Create straightforward email campaigns from scratch

Ready for more? Integrate Mailchimp into your Ecwid store and embrace the full power of email marketing. Grow your email list, send branded emails and build automated and manual campaigns based on your store data.

  • Leverage sign-up forms to build email lists and grow prospective customers.
  • Help customers make the right purchases by adding products to your emails.
  • Use your purchase history to segment audiences and create targeted email campaigns.
  • Increase conversion with customized discount coupons based on user behavior and purchase history.
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Start growing your revenue with email marketing

Create your first email campaign and start making more sales in your Ecwid store today.

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