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How to Generate Traffic to Your Store

Video series on getting more traffic to your store.



Understanding the Conversion Funnel

It is important to understand the journey a visitor takes from landing on your page to making a purchase. In this video we will discuss the conversion funnel and why it is important to aim for a large number of unique visitors.

Generating free Store Traffic Using Social Media

At Ecwid we are all about bootstrapping it. That means finding low cost strategies to achieve early success. In this video we will discuss cost free ways for you to generate some early traffic wins using social media.

Product Descriptions and SEO

In this video we continue with the discussion of free methods on generating early traffic. This time, we are going to focus on the impact that great product descriptions have on your shops SEO.

Retargeting and Paid Social Media

How do you re-engage store visitors who didn't make a purchase? That is the central question in this video. We will discuss why retargeting is important, and the tools at your disposal to get those visitors back and convert them into customers.

Final Recap and Analytics

How do you know if all your efforts to generate store traffic are panning out? In this video we discuss the different analytical tools that can provide you with the insight into your advertising strategy.

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