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Ecwid vs. Zen Cart

Looking for a Zen Cart alternative?

See why Ecwid is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users.

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Ecommerce made easy

With Ecwid, you get more than just an ecommerce platform. You get a company, a support team, and a system that’s invested in your success. G2 ranks Ecwid as Easiest to Use and Best Support. Here’s why:

Optimized for sales

Based on user reviews, Ecwid product, shipping, payment and ecommerce management tools win Zen Cart dramatically.

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No programming skills required

Ecwid works for any person regardless of their tech skills. Set up your store without coding. You won’t even have to install any software on your computer — all you need to do is to enter your email on and set up your store online. If you just want to get to work selling, Ecwid is the obvious choice.

Zen Cart? You will need coding knowledge to set up a store with Zen Cart.

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The Ecwid team takes care of your store

As an open-source ecommerce solution, Zen Cart requires you to take care of the security and maintenance of your ecommerce store on your own. You’ll need to manually install updates and make them work smoothly with all the different plugins you’re using which can be challenging for non-developers. Zen Cart doesn’t offer support, so you have to look up answers to your questions elsewhere.

Ecwid is a SaaS solution, which means you don’t have to worry about security and updating your software. We take care of it all — and more. If you need help with your online store, our top-rated support team is there for you via email, chat, or phone.

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What people say about Zen Cart

Limited support
Requires programming experience
Lacks integrations

What our merchants are saying

My experience with Ecwid is currently really good. I work on WordPress, using Ecwid plugin. The Ecwid back-end interface is really user-friendly for the person who has to use it to manage products and orders. And the front-end interface is solid too for the customer of the e-commerce. Ecwid provides most of the tools I need to manage a small to mid-range e-commerce.
We love that it was a quick and easy process to migrate our items into ECWID. It took less than a half hour to have the bulk of our items in with current pricing. The iOS app is a joy to work with and so full featured.
I have spent months to choose e-commerce platform which will work for me. And telling you better then Ecwid for small size business- just can't find.

People trust us

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