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Ecwid vs WooCommerce

Looking for a WooCommerce alternative?

Choose the right ecommerce platform to build and grow your online business.


Is Ecwid the ultimate e-commerce solution?

With Ecwid, you get more than just an ecommerce platform. You get a partner who’s invested in your success. Find out why Woo merchants choose Ecwid for building their online empire:

No coding skills required

Ecwid is available for both and, which means it integrates seamlessly into existing websites without any coding. If you want a no-hassle solution, Ecwid takes the gold.

No need for designers

Ecwid has over 70 free design themes optimized for a variety of industries, all ready-to-use with a single click. Meanwhile, WooCommerce offers only one free theme, and it often requires manual modifications from a designer.

Fastest set-up & ready to sell out-of-the-box

To start selling with Ecwid, all you need is a product, a hand, and 10 minutes to spare. But before you can sell with WooCommerce, you’ll need to go through the entire website building process before you can begin listing your first product. And even then, don’t expect anything as easy as Ecwid.

Ecwid is secure

WooCommerce stores aren’t secure by default—merchants will be reliant on their host and additional security features to secure their new stores. But Ecwid is a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Service Provider, which means all your payment and transaction data is secure right out of the box.

Manage your store on mobile

The Ecwid app isn’t just the perfect tool to manage an existing store, it’s also the only tool that can create one. That’s right, Ecwid is the first mobile-only e-commerce solution. And it works for both Android and iOS. While WooCommerce offers a mobile app, you’ll need a desktop to adjust your design and layout.

No vendor lock

WooCommerce also requires additional 3rd party plugins for many of their features and sales channels. Ecwid has built-in capability to sell on social sites and marketplaces like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.

The quickest go live time

On Ecwid, it takes less than 30 minutes to launch your store — which is why Ecwid takes the lead for the quickest go-live time. Choose from pre-designed templates, add your products, shipping, and payment methods, and start selling! No time to waste — your ecommerce journey is just minutes away.

Faster Load Speed, More Completed Purchases

Ecwid Ecommerce loads in moments on your WordPress site. Great load speed helps you achieve great results:

  • Get more organic traffic to your store: page speed is a confirmed ranking factor for Google’s search results.
  • Improve the performance of your ads: better page speed will result in a better conversion rate.
  • Reduce abandoned carts: your customers won’t get distracted while waiting for the page to load.
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What merchants are saying about Ecwid vs. WooCommerce

What I appreciate about Ecwid is its multilingual store ability. My brand is now selling globally, and setting everything up with WooCommerce was challenging and often ineffective. In contrast, Ecwid comes with many basic functions already translated into various languages, significantly simplifying the process for customers.
Way better/easier than WooCommerce. I’ve tried both Ecwid and WooCommerce and found Ecwid superior in every way. It’s easy to understand how to set up, add products and comes full featured even at the lowest tier price. I’m not nickle and dimed for every feature that’s necessary for an online store. We’ll have 5 stores up and running by the end of the year and they will all be Ecwid stores.
IT4Worship (@it4worship)
Ecwid has all the options and support you want from a ecommerce platform and integrates with existing site beautifully — get started and start selling for free and get added functionality for a reasonable price. Just does what you want really :)
What do you like best? How easy it is to add products and plug it into my WordPress site! It's really nice to be able to get to all the settings right within my WordPress admin area. I can log in to Ecwid itself but I can also save time I just do everything from within WordPress. I like how easy it is to enable and disable products.
I found this sales channel plugin settings far much better than others similar, like WooCommerce, for example
ECWID is an excellent product. Easy to use with comprehensive features and the free version has all you need to set up your ecommerce site and comes complete with a free website builder. Highly recommended.

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Issues with servers and other technical issues
Expensive customization maintenance
Server issues and frustrating technical problems
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Lack of security
Conflict with other WordPress plugins
Conflict between WordPress plugins

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