Ecwid vs. WooCommerce

Ecwid’s free and feature-packed online store plugin for WordPress offers merchants tremendous advantages over the limited and costly “free” WooCommerce plugin. Compare the difference between Ecwid and WooCommerce — and see how Ecwid is the best WordPress shopping cart plugin solution to build your business quickly and cost effectively.

Ecwid is the best e-commerce solution for WordPress applications. Ecwid offers a solution that easily integrates with a responsive WordPress platform and is much easier and more cost effective compared to WooCommerce and most other e-commerce solutions.

Mikel Bruce, CEO and Founder at

Get Started

Plugs in to WordPress and any Website

Only Works with WordPress

Flexibility to use any CMS platform, custom site and Facebook integration — simultaneously

Locked into using only WordPress forever, selling on Facebook is extra, and no other simultaneous stores

Complete Free Plan

Limited Free Plan

Feature-rich free plan always available, tons of features included in free plan at no additional cost and no need for extra modules

Extensions are required to accept payments, get shipping rates and more. Each extension requires additional payments

Automatic Upgrades

Manual Upgrades

Seamless upgrades occur automatically, hosted on powerful and secure Amazon EC2 servers for free

Updates must be done by the store owner and hosted on their existing hosting account or server

Smooth Integration

Manual Integration

Available for both and — integrates seamlessly with existing websites with no coding knowledge required

Only available for self-hosted websites — complex integration that may require coding knowledge or help from a third party developer

PCI-DSS Certified

Requires PCI-DSS Certification

Ecwid is PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider certified, which ensures a high level of security and makes transactions with your payment gateway and bank safe and secure

WooCommerce requires merchants to attain PCI-DSS certification from their hosting provider since they do not host stores themselves

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The introductory WooCommerce extension offers very limited speed and performance to e-commerce merchants and in order to handle more customers and activity they are required to purchase costly premium extensions. To optimize their online store with more powerful server hosting, a smooth AJAX interface, and most other features, merchants must continually invest more money into their store with WooCommerce. Slow performance and delays can cost you business and reduce your conversion rates if customers grow impatient. Alternatively, Ecwid uses powerful and secure Amazon EC2 servers designed to handle tons of traffic right from the start for all merchants. Combined with our free lightning-fast AJAX interface our cloud service equips you with a remarkably fast store that can handle tons of visitors without the need to invest in additional server infrastructure. Your customers will enjoy a smooth, fast and pleasant shopping experience every time.

WooCommerce requires merchants to regularly update their online store in order to receive bug fixes, security patches, protection from hackers and new features. The lengthy and complicated multi-step process can be time-consuming and confusing and also requires a great deal of diligence on the part of the merchant. Ecwid offers seamless upgrades to all of our merchants which automatically updates security patches, bug fixes, additional features and more. You can rest easy knowing that the Ecwid team will take care of all of the hassle of upgrades, so you can focus on selling your products and connecting with your customers. When you accept credit cards directly on your online store your site should be PCI-DSS certified, a certification not offered by WooCommerce. WooCommerce requires merchants to attain PCI-DSS certification from their hosting provider, an additional step that entrusts payment security outside of your online store provider. Additionally, if you use the downloadable shopping cart, it should be PA-DSS certified, a global security standard created to prevent developed payment applications for third parties from storing prohibited secure data. Currently, WooCommerce is not PA-DSS certified either.

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