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Ecwid vs ShopWired

Looking for a ShopWired alternative?

Compare ShopWired to Ecwid and choose the right ecommerce platform to build and grow your online store.

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Free forever options

You can sell up to 5 products online for free with Ecwid’s forever free plan.

ShopWired offers a 14-day free trial, but after that period, users are required to upgrade to a paid plan.

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True headless ecommerce

Ecwid provides an Instant Site builder, enabling you to sell your products online even if you do not have a website or coding skills. If you already have a website, you can effortlessly integrate Ecwid into any CMS, giving you e-commerce capabilities that can be easily scaled up or down as you expand.

ShopWired is a standalone site builder, which means that it cannot be integrated with WordPress, Joomla, or other static websites. This is commonly referred to as “vendor lock-in.”

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No turnover limit

With Ecwid, there is no pressure to upgrade to a higher-priced plan based on your sales volume. You can achieve billions of dollars in sales on any subscription plan, even the free version.

If your turnover exceeds a certain amount, ShopWired requires you to upgrade your plan.

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More products for less money

Ecwid provides a product limit breakdown that offers more products at a lower price for your convenience.

Even on ShopWired’s lowest paid plan, merchants will receive over three times fewer products than they would on Ecwid’s middle paid plan.

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Make the switch to Ecwid today

Already selling online?

Migrate Your Store to Ecwid

Get a powerful ecommerce solution that does the selling for you.

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