Ecwid vs. OpenCart

Deciding on the right e-commerce platform for your website can seem challenging with so many options available. Fortunately, your decision is easier with the feature-rich and free shopping cart from Ecwid, which outperforms other available shopping cart options, including OpenCart. To help you better understand the benefits of using Ecwid, we have created this side-by-side comparison, offering an Ecwid and OpenCart review.

If you have been looking for OpenCart alternatives, or are just getting started with e-commerce, you’ll quickly see how Ecwid’s powerful online store offers you tremendous advantages over the limited features of OpenCart. We are confident that you’ll see how easily Ecwid offers you total control and allows you to grow your business quickly and effectively.

Start Selling with Ecwid

Works on any Website

Must start over with OpenCart

Embeds your online store into any new or existing website, using any CMS platform, custom site and Facebook integration.

Online store must be integrated into an OpenCart theme and can’t be integrated into your current website.


Limited to Templates

Appearance and function of your store is customizable for anyone regardless of knowing code or not.

Limited to pre-designed templates or must know advanced coding to make any changes.

Complete Free Plan

Limited Free Plan

Feature-rich free plan always available — Shipping integrations, payment integrations, Facebook store, search, minicart and more.

Downloadable version is free, but necessary add-on features become costly.

Automatic Upgrades

Manual Upgrades

Seamless upgrades occur automatically without disrupting the look or functionality of your store.

Upgrades and bug fixes require the store owner to download new versions and update the store in hosting control panels. When upgrades are made, many customizations and add-ons may not work with the upgrade and may need to be completely reconfigured

Software as a Service

Self Hosted

Hosted on powerful and secure Amazon EC2 servers for free.

Store owner must find a webhosting company to host the site and pay for any excess bandwidth or storage needs.

Great Customer Support

No Support

Customer support is available through a variety of ways depending on your plan, including our responsive forum, extensive knowledge base, and technical support team with chat, phone and email support.

Customer support is limited to the community forums. No email, live chat or phone support available.

Appearance and Integration

OpenCart offers very limited options for merchants when it comes to the look and feel of an online store. In order to use OpenCart, your online store must exist through the OpenCart site, which limits the ways that you can have your store appear. You’re either limited to the pre-designed templates available from OpenCart, or you must migrate design elements from your site into OpenCart.

Ecwid, on the other hand, is a great OpenCart alternative, where your online store is easily and seamlessly integrated into your existing or new website. Ecwid works smoothly with all major Content Management Systems (CMS), including WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and even your Facebook page, or can easily be added to any custom website. This way, you’re in complete control of the look and feel of your online store. Ecwid’s shopping cart, search tool, and other modules can be added anywhere on your site simply by adding a few short lines of code. Then the appearance of those modules can be easily customized to your preferences. With Ecwid, you’ll be satisfied with the look and function of your online store, and your customers will enjoy a smooth and seamless shopping experience without ever having to leave your site.


If you’ve read an OpenCart review before or visited their site, you may have seen claims that their out-of-the-box shopping cart is free, which on the surface is true, however, there are many costly add-ons that you’ll need to buy. The prices of these add-ons, which in many cases you will need, can range from $10 to $100, and those costs add up when you’re trying to grow your business. Even simple features, such as resizing or deleting product images require a paid add-on, which are features that come free with Ecwid. You also can run into trouble with these add-ons if OpenCart makes any upgrades, as the add-ons may not function properly with the upgrade and may require complicated changes to their code.

With Ecwid, you’ll always have access to our free option, which comes loaded with tons of useful features to build and manage your online store. Your online store can be set-up in a matter of minutes and functions seamlessly on any platform, including desktops, tablets, and smart phones with our responsive design. Should you find your business growing or that you require additional features and support for any reason, we offer affordably priced plans depending on your needs. You’ll always know what you’re getting for what you paid, and you won’t have to worry about paying piecemeal for individual features as our packages come loaded with a host of features. And when we make upgrades or make bug fixes, your online store will be updated seamlessly without you needing to make any changes or experiencing disruption to your store.

Customer Support

The customer support on OpenCart is extremely limited and only available through their community forums. Questions and concerns can often go unanswered or await belated responses. Attempts to contact the company must be made through the forums as well. Other OpenCart review sites have noted that the responses on the forum can be condescending or worse to those seeking help.

Alternatively, Ecwid offers robust options for comprehensive customer support. In addition to our responsive and engaged forums comprised of long-time Ecwid users, our technical support team is always on hand to respond to any questions or issues you may have. We also offer an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section and knowledge base, where many of your questions or concerns may be answered. With our advanced plans, you’ll also have access to more one-on-one technical support from our team via email, chat, or phone. At Ecwid, our customer support team always strives to be helpful, responsive and courteous. We’re here to make your e-commerce experience as pleasant and productive as possible.


If you’ve been looking for an OpenCart alternative, Ecwid offers you plenty of compelling reasons for creating your online store with us. Robust features, easy and smooth integration, free and affordable plans, and helpful customer support are just some of the ways that Ecwid stands out as the ideal e-commerce platform for your business. If you have any questions about Ecwid or require assistance with OpenCart migration to Ecwid, please feel free to contact us.

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