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Ecwid vs. Adobe Commerce (former Magento)

Looking for an Adobe Commerce alternative?

Choose the right ecommerce platform to build and grow your online business.

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Why sellers choose Ecwid by Lightspeed

With Ecwid, you get more than just an ecommerce platform. You get a partner who’s invested in your success. Find out why Adobe Commerce merchants choose Ecwid for building their online business.

No developers required

Ecwid enables you to launch your online store in no time. Unlike open-source platforms (including Adobe Commerce), Ecwid is hosted, maintained and updated on our end. As a result, you won’t have to wait months for your site to be developed to actually start selling. Create and manage your online store yourself using the most user-friendly control panel—even if you are new to the game.

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Tons of design options

Ecwid has over 70 free design themes optimized for a variety of industries and over a hundred flexible design options for your storefront. Designing your online store doesn’t require any special skills.

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The support you’ve always wanted

Reviews don’t lie: Ecwid’s customer care team always goes the extra mile for merchants. In addition to it’s exceptional support, Ecwid offers free video tutorials, blog articles with marketing tips, and webinars. Adobe Commerce has some resources available, but Ecwid wins in terms of customer service.

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What else makes Ecwid unique?

  • Add a store to any existing website or build one from scratch
  • Sell on websites, social media, marketplaces to grow your business — all from a single control panel
  • No transaction fees: you keep the profits
  • Sell in multiple languages globally with a fully multilingual storefront
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