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See how Anatole Lebreton uses Ecwid to broaden market reach

Anatole Lebreton embarked on his journey 11 years ago from a simple passion for fragrances. What began as a hobby quickly evolved into a professional business driven by a desire to share this passion with the world. With a focus on delivering a personalized experience, the brand has created a unique market presence.

“I learned everything on the spot and from scratch, little by little, step by step. Now, it has been 11 years since I started this journey,” — says Anatole.


Catering to a larger audience with a multilingual store

After thorough research, the business chose Ecwid for its simplicity, comprehensive features, and, most importantly, its ability to support multiple languages. Localization and translation were game-changers for effective global selling. Anatole Lebreton uses three languages on his website: English, French, and Italian.

It's crucial to have a personalized store for diverse customer needs. Niche perfume brand Anatole Lebreton leveraged Ecwid to streamline its operations and expand its international reach. This led to remarkable business growth in 2023. Anatole states, “Having elements like checkout processes pre-translated helps guide customers, making their shopping experience much smoother.”

Case study: Anatole Lebreton

International selling made easy with Ecwid

Right now, your Ecwid store and Instant Site can be translated into 36 languages. Visitors can select their preferred language to shop in when entering your site effortlessly.

In addition to offering completely translated storefronts, Ecwid streamlines international selling with features including international shipping options, automated taxes, local payment methods, and much more.

Results of Anatole Lebreton’s international selling

in net sales or 41,2% of the revenue
in net sales or 13,9% of the revenue
in net sales or 10,1% of the revenue
Anatole Lebreton - 3
I value the comprehensive features available in Ecwid, such as streamlined shipping calculations and integrated payment systems. These features, all within one platform, significantly reduce the need for multiple plugins and simplify operations.

Turn your hobby into a business and set up your own store in just a few clicks

Ecwid has the best go-live time among popular ecommerce platforms (Source: G2). Get started today to start seeing results in no time.

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