Posted Apr 21, 2015 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team

What it Really Means to “Sell Everywhere”

Often the best business advice also is the simplest. The age-old proverb “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is one of the best examples I can think of. But how does the average merchant accomplish this? The answer is a technical-sounding (yet surprisingly doable) term called “multichannel retailing.”


Put simply, this just means that the product or service you’re already providing is available to your customers in a variety of locations, including your website, online marketplaces, social media sites like Facebook, and their smartphones.

It may seem daunting to juggle multiple websites and payment methods. You’re just one person, after all. But don’t worry — that’s our job. Ecwid handles the legwork, so that you have time to do what you do best. Not only is Multichannel retailing easy, but it also is one of the most important things you can do to grow (and scale) your business.

All Roads Lead To Your Store

Selling on your website

This is where most people start. There’s no feeling like registering your domain name for the first time, with all the pomp and circumstance of a “grand opening.” If you’re just starting out, an easy place to begin is by building your starter website with Ecwid. There are plenty of themes and templates to cover your design basics so that you can hit the ground running and start selling. But don’t worry — if you want to build a beautiful website to go with your Ecwid store, you always can add Ecwid to leading website builder solutions like Yola, Wix, WordPress, Weebly and Joomla, to name a few.

Selling through social media channels

Just about everyone these days is completely at home on Facebook, including Ecwid, with over 50,000 small businesses selling on Facebook. Your Ecwid store can be completely integrated within minutes on your Facebook business page. This isn’t a gimmicky version of your store shoe-horned into a popular website — it is a 100% seamless storefront.

Social media channels like Facebook are making it easier than ever for you to do business right from their website. They are enabling “buy now” buttons, which keep the entire browsing and purchasing experience right on their webpage. Or, if you prefer, you can also have your customers redirected to your full website. Either way, all transactions and analytics are localized in your Ecwid dashboard. For step by step instructions, read on.

Sell in-person

We know that it’s not all about the ones and zeros. Sometimes nothing can beat a more personal touch. Whether you’re focused on web traffic or foot traffic, Ecwid is there to make selling easy.

Your business goes wherever you go. If you meet with a client, seize the moment! Don’t hand them your business card and hope they follow through when they get back to their computer. Get the sale now.

The Ecwid Mobile App will help you to close the deal, professionally, anywhere. If your business model lends itself to a more tangible mobile footprint, Ecwid can help you establish a top-notch pop up shop. We’re ready to get your trade shows, art festivals, county fairs, and special event booths running smoothly.

Sell on marketplaces

It would be tempting to tackle the above-mentioned methods, and call it a day. But don’t stop there! Those methods are excellent for connecting with customers who are already familiar with your brand, whether online or in person. But getting yourself listed in online marketplaces such as Google Shopping and eBay Commerce Network can help you get discovered by entirely new customers.

These marketplaces allow online shoppers to search for specific products, compare prices, browse features, and find new online retailers, all in one place. Your product might be exactly what they’re looking for, so make it easier for them find you! We have put together a list of some of the top online marketplaces, and highlighted their features as well as their regional availability. You can read more about them here.

The Heart Of The Matter

Selling online isn’t just about being trendy. It’s about increasing your reach. It’s about paving the in-roads to your business, making it easy for your customers to connect with you. Wherever your brand can be found, Ecwid can seamlessly organize it all, right from the dashboard you’re already using.

As you’ve operated your business, you have no doubt learned that a little time invested in preparation can save you from major headaches later on. Road blocks become speed bumps, if you are ready for them. Multichannel selling will help you reach more customers, improve their experience and satisfaction, scale your operation and make your small business more modern and profitable. So let Ecwid help you open these new channels for your customers!

Happy Selling!

About the author
Jesse is the Marketing Manager at Ecwid and has been in e-commerce and internet marketing since 2006. He has experience with PPC, SEO, conversion optimization and loves to work with entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality.